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Tanktics (Windows)

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ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Tanktics Credits

DMA Design

Boss ManDavid Jones
Creative ManagerGary Penn
ProducerBrian Lawson
Lead ProgrammerTommy Kane
ProgrammersRussel Elliot, Andrew Scott, Craig Stewart, Andy Whyte
Lead ArtistKenneth Fee
ArtistsSteve Hodgson, John Harrison, Aaron Garbut
Level DesignersStephen Banks, Billy Thomson, Sean Taylor, Craig Filshie, Willy Mills
Tool ProgrammersGeorge Harris, Andrew Patterson
3D EngineAaron Puzey, Michael Dailly, David Paterson
Audio ProgrammingRaymond Usher, Paul Scargill
MusicCraig Conner, Stuart Ross
Sound EffectsAllan Walker, Colin Anderson, Fiona Robertson
Additional ProgrammingDerek Ward, Steven Reid, Ashley Ellis
Additional ArtworkRobert Jeffrey, Lenny Lane
Additional IdeasGary Penn, Paul Farley, Ian Thomson
Tech. SupportJulian Glendinning, Mark Ettle, Kevin Kelly, Kenneth Giblin
Promotion / LiesBrian Baglow
QA LeadCraig Arbuthnott
QASteven Taylor, Alan Jack, Alan Dobson


Executive ProducerTrish Wright
Division DirectorBrian F. Christian
ProducerSteve Baldoni
Product Marketing ManagerKevin Johnston
PR ManagerHeather McLaughlin
Audio DirectorCharles Deenen
Audio AdministratorGloria Soto
Director of QAJeremy S. Barnes
QA ManagersGreg Baumeister, Michael Motoda
QA Project SupervisorsDamien Evans, Steve McLafferty
QA TestersEric Pribish, Eric Fong, Donnie Cornwell, Henry C. Lee, Ed Kang, Danny Martinez, Dennis Presnell, William Saunders, Rodney Smith
QA Compatibility ManagerDarrell Jones
QA Compatibility TechniciansJonathan Darke, Derek Gibbs, Joshua Walters, David Parkyn
Traffic ManagerSherry LaVertu
Package & Manual DesignerTracie D. Martin
Special Thanks toBrian Fargo, Debbie Howell, Todd J. Camasta, Dan L. Williams, Bill Stoudt, David Cravens


Windows/DirectXMark Pope
Software ManagerCarl Cavers
Test SupervisorSteve Lycett
Lead TestersW. Steve Blower, Phil Eckford
QA TestersLee Barrow, John Blythe, Eric Booker, Gavin Davenport, Simon Gilman, Carrie Hobson, Dave Imrie, Wayne Mellors, Luke Warhurst, Paul Whitehead, Jonathan Wilson
CD TechnicianJames McCarthy
LocalizationSarah Bennett, Steven Taylor
Packaging/PromotionMartin Calpin
Thanks toJim Woods

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (122503)