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Team Apache Credits


Team LeaderAdonis Stevenson
Lead ProgrammerRichard Mackie
ProgrammersTom Beckman, Robin Carlisle, Adrian Hawkins, Kingsley Pratt, Rhona Robson, Phil Rutherford, Glynn Scragg (Dr.)
Lead ArtistAdonis Stevenson
ArtistsGeorge Grimshaw, Andy Wood
Lead Games DesignerLee Brimmicombe-Wood
Games DesignersRichard Collins (Maddog), Chris Roberts
Intro Animation and Cut ScenesGeorge Grimshaw
Post ProductionPaul James
SoundPaul James
Original ConceptBryan Walker
Terrain SystemStephen Birch
Engine DevelopmentSimon Anthony, Stephen Birch, Robin Bryce, Simon Clay, Ed Daly, Julian Davis
Simis Test TeamGraham Dickson, Andrew Furber, Steven Masters, David Murphy, Mark White, Mick Wood
Support WorkJames Brooksby, Richard Carter, Richard Collins (Maddog), Tim Fawcett, Martin Isitt, Paul Mottram
Voice ActorsBradley Lavelle, Alan Marriott, Gary Martin, Steven Masters, Joanne Miseldene, Eric Meyers, Glenn Wrage
ProducersGabriella Diffley, Carl Jones
Production DirectorIan Baverstock
Vice President R&DJonathan Newth


Executive ProducerDavid Bishop
ProducerNeil Soane
Associate ProducerRichard Plumb
Developer Liaison AdministratorJuliet Pitt
Product ManagerJames Scalpello
PR ManagerPaul Kluge
Graphic Design ManagerBill Duncan
Graphic DesignSteve Longdale
Localisation ManagerPatrick Baroni
Creative Services ManagerMaria Fernandez
QA ManagerMark Hilton
QA Lead TesterMartin Newing
QA TestersDerek Holt, Marcus Starnes, Iain White, Ashley Powell, Adrian Wood-Jones
External Test Co‑ordinatorMarek Paul (Headcase)
External Beta TeamMatthew Wagner (Wags), Nigel Wright (Pieman), Robert Borjesson (Trakdah), Mike Bakke (Belter), Leonardo Rogic (Apollo11), Bill Moffat (Rebel), Mark Shepheard (Stinger)


Writen byCarl Jones, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood
Additional writing byAdonis Stevenson, Chris Roberts

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (177207)