Team Fortress 2 (Windows)

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Written by  :  Sean Johanson (16)
Written on  :  Apr 08, 2011
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars

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Headless Chicken at its Finest

The Good

First and foremost the graphics of this game were superb. Instead of realistic they went for cartoon like, which works. In addition elements of the game were funny. The user interface was easy and findings games is a breeze.

The Bad

This game is a worse headless chicken deathmatch than the original Quake. "Headless Chicken" is an old first person shooter term for when you run around in a game shooting everything you can, like you are blind headless chicken, until you die. No thought is required. That describes this game perfectly.

The original Quake TF had huge open maps that forced players to THINK before running out in the open. Sniper could pick you off, bombers could catch you, or sentry guns would mow you down.

But in TF2 the player is actively ENCOURAGED to throw away lives like it is the Battle of the Somme. Just run into a room and blast away because you are bound to do some damage, spawn quickly and then continue damaging the enemy. This is done intentionally by the developers, and it is a major headache for many players.

In addition the maps are so small that NO ONE can hold ground. Once again this is intentional! You just spawn and die non stop until LUCK wins the match for one team or another. Very little skill is actually applicable in this game. Thus it is difficult to actually GET GOOD at this game beyond simple twitch skill.

The Bottom Line

This game is about running around and blasting away aimlessly for hours and hours. The funny elements of the game wear off rather quickly since they are repeated constantly. The maps are so small, the player speed so fast, and the possible paths so numerous that defense is just about impossible. So the experience degrades into a contest of luck and twitch skill instead of a GAME of strategy and team work.

Basically this is a game that is in many ways far simpler than the original Team Fortress that was released almost 10 years prior. They took all of the good elements of Team Fortress and dumbed them down for 2007. While a beautiful looking game, it is a failure in execution and a step major backwards for the genre as a whole.