Team Fortress 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Information about the current map.
A small movie with details about the map.
Choose your team.
Choose your class.
A medic ready for action.
Looks like a old western city.
An engineer at work.
The kill cam with some stats.
Choosing my disguise as a Spy.
This Heavy got me this time.
The walls are cluttered with papers, posters and other stuff.
The Heavy calls for a Medic.
Killed by a Medic - how low...
The Medic has a gun that shoots syringes.
Preparing to make some serious damage as a Heavy.
Blue won the round.
The end statistics. Ignore my stats - this was only for Moby...really!
The performance report you get at the end of every map.
New map, new luck and that scout requests my help.
Healing a teammember while looking at some rockets.
This is one of the five control points on the map.
Laura Dubuk talks about the design of the room in the developer commentary mode.
In Payload mode, the blue team must escort a rail kart through a series of checkpoints that are defended by the red team.
The lumberyard map adds a new environment to the game.
The spy that killed me is killed by a burning medic.
Heavies can eat a sandwich to heal themselves.
The August 13, 2009 upgrade included a new menu screen, and several new hats.
Ooh, wonder what this could be?
The Cheater's Lament hat, given as a reward for players who didn't cheat to unlock items
The Soldier vs. Demoman war update included a new background.
Crafting some Blutsaugers into scrap metal.
Halloween Event 2011 - The Monoculus!