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TechnoMage: Return of Eternity (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

TechnoMage: Return of Eternity Credits


Managing DirectorsJürgen Reusswig, Marcella Link
Project ManagerStephan Winter
Consultant Project ManagementSascha Ramali
Lead ProgrammerMichael Kleps
ProgrammersEike Radunz, Mario Dörr
Additional ProgrammingDaniel Hohl, Michael Lehmann, Jan Lenski
GraphicsBleick Bleicken, András Kavalecz, Michael Kohlbach, Torsten Schneyer
CinematicsSpellcraft Studios, Vadim Pietrzynski, Markus Baader
Level DesignMichael Backhaus, Matthias Stiffel, Jan Lenski
Music & SoundAlexander Röder
Story & GamedesignAlle Teammitglieder
DialoguesBianca König, Matthias Stiffel
Additional Design & BalancingKnut Arnold, Thomas Emich, Alexander Frey, Thorbjörn Gill
ManualHelge Dörr, Uwe Mathon
Testing & SupportMichael Backhaus, Jochen Bauer, Marc Huppke, Mattias Bernges, Matthias Droll, Florian Laudensack, Peter Kaufmann, Moritz Rehner, Sebastian Ridder, Bogac Sariaydin, Tobias Trippel
Networking & WebdesignChristoph Klempau, Dirk Sachse
MarketingSusanne Schäfer, Renate Grof, Wolfgang Duhr, Sonja Radke, Anja Melzer (und das Infogrames Marketing-Team)
Special Thanks toAll colleagues at SUNFLOWERS and all our external partners which allowed the finishing of the project with their big personal commitment

Spellcraft Studio

DirectorVadim Draempaehl
Character DesignVadim Draempaehl, András Kavalecz
Character Modelling & AnimationVadim Draempaehl
Background ModellingMarkus Baader
Special FXMarkus Baader
Additional Character ModellingAndrás Kavalecz, Markus Henrich
Additional Character AnimationsMarkus Henrich, Matthias Knappe
Music Alexander Röder
SoundAlexander Röder

Greets & Comments

Michael "Grummelchen" BackhausMadonna
Jochen "SamueL" BauerMartina [for their comprehension], Julian [for their comprehension], Felix [for their comprehension]
Bleick "McFly" BleickenDaniel Bleicken (Sergant), Gill, SchneckBertaTarek, Hasselhuhn [Katzeklo], Tilmann Müller (Rotfront), Verena Bonnke, Tobias Bonnke (Gnubbelsche), Andi Litwin (Valo), Torsten Schneyer (Dornenvampir)
Helge "Toxic Shaman" DörrThe family, Maike Blustein (Sternchen; We'll do it!), Alexander Turnsek, Iggy [Always there], Carlsen Comics, Comicon
Mario "Boiler" DörrYvonne Porzig, Nalucca von Hellenberg, Dirk Turowski (DDT), Cyphur, Jochen Patzke, All my friends and my whole family
Daniel "Oehli McFish" HohlMy family and friends
Marc "Das Ideal" HuppkeMy family and me
András "Carnera" KavaleczJanine [my girlfriend], My parents and relatives, My long- and short-termed friends, Peter Schmidt, Daniel Böhm, Ronald Wendt, Peter Buchta, Georg Szirtesi, Thomas Szirtesi, Thomas Kreklow, Cenay Ökmen, Taron, Timur Baysahl, Oli Baysahl, Everyone I forgot
Christoph "Klempix" KlempauThe other sweetie [for its patience], My family, My friends [thanks for the honey; bee], The inventor of Caipi and Prosecco Peach Juice, BR3 Space Night, Dr.Ing.h.c.F. Porsche [someday I'll get it]
Michael "Schlaf Gut" KlepsLuggage, Bender, Kenny, Nora
Michael "MK" Kohlbachgreetz 2 all my friends, my family, dog, cat, rabbit, turtles, space night team, the reload label, type‑0, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, kisses 2 all the kewl girls i know and love and so :) cya on tour
Bianca "Zenia" KönigMy parents, The few friends which are still talking to me, Bill Thomas (for his English corrections), Renie, Haggi, Comicon, SL‑Tiger
Michael "Avatar" Lehmanncout << „Greetz fly to Bunny; family; Thora; Unblack; Vektro; W13; Cartman's Mum :-) and Bender'' << endl;
Jan "Nybakk" LenskiMaren
Uwe "Uew" MathonMiluji tě z celèho srdce; tvoje pampeliška
Eike "How Go?" RadunzPascal Radunz
Sascha "Rot 5" RamaliPascal, Etienne
Alexander "Fisch" RöderJesus [Respect to]
Dirk "Doodsky" SachseTanja, Korn, Katana, Dr. Evil
Matthias "Pieracket" StiffelGlory and honor to my friends!
Stephan WinterGeli [thanks for all], Heiko [thanks for all], Peppie [thanks for all]

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (119786), Indra is here (19822) and andras kavalecz (17)