Teenagent (Windows)

Teenagent Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Gold transport
Vanishing gold
Interview with psychic
Caught by the secret agents
Training camp
Main building
Meeting with training officer
First task - escape from the prison
Shocked by an electricity kick
Second task - get the secret password
Jumping over the wall
Green tent
Unlocked desk drawer
Climbing the pal
Last task solved
In the meantime message
View on the village
Boy playing basketball
Warden dog
Inventory view
Cave entrance
Dark cellar
Spider escaped
House guard
Dig a tunnel under the wall
In the meantime scene
In the forest
Hunting cottage
Inside the hunting cottage
Inside the cave
In the meantime scene
Anna with Grandma
In the meantime scene
On the lake
In the meantime scene
Diving in the lake
In the meantime scene
Inside residence
In the meantime scene
Secret passage
Dramatic scene
Inside the vault
First-aid team