Tempest 2000 (Windows)

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Written by  :  Makitk (33)
Written on  :  Jun 25, 2003
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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The most addicting game since Tetris!

The Good

The basic concept of this game (Shooting things which try to advance towards you through a tunnel, while avoiding their fire and other hazards) makes this a very easy-to-learn game. The only thing you have to do is move either left or right and shoot whenever you're in the right position.

The fact that it has a total of 3 versions of this great game only adds up to the fun! Some might say the windows version is just another way to make easy money, but get this: You get the DOS version on the same disc + the 11 music tracks to listen to using your regular CD player!

Also, this game is as addictive as any game since tetris and ranks high up in the addictiveness charts.

This game doesn't need nice graphics to work and I can see people playing this game for as long as computer-systems can support it's requirements and don't get too fast. (Still playable on an AMD XP 1700+)

The soundtrack of this game is superb and it proves the fact that techno is the perfect music for this kind of game. 11 different songs are worked into the game and every level has one of them with 1 song reserved only for the bonus-levels.

The fact that the tunnels you're playing on are either round or flat, with all kinds of shapes, makes this a very interesting game to play, as some tunnels allow the player to just circle around and shoot everything that moves, (Not a good idea... tust me.) and in the 'flat' levels to just hide in a corner and shoot every enemy who comes near. (Also: not a good idea.)

When you use the 'superzapper', you may notice that all enemies are killed one-by-one, allowing you to just grab the different powerups which come flying towards you with a certain easy. (Not to be misunderstood: the speed of the game is still very high, don't slack off!)

The Bad

The fact that it is easy to learn does make you wonder whether it is just a game for your 5-year old sister or whether it can actually give you some opposition. Well, guess what? The learning curve shoots high up into the sky after the first few levels! There's no way you get an easy shot to the top, you got to battle some crazy opponents which will shoot you before you get the chance to do anything about them!

Also, some opponents produce green spikes on the other end of the tunnel and these spikes remain there until you shoot them. You can't remove them with one shot however, you gradually remove layer by layer of these spikes, while dodging enemy fire and removing the rest of the opponents from the level. If you happen to clear the level before you've removed the spikes, you'll have a hard time dodging them when you advance through the tunnel towards you're next challenge and, if you happen to hit one of these spikes, you get to do the same level again!

Also, the shape of some of the tunnels will allow some opponents to 'hide' behind it, causing you to meet an untimely end when they do emerge. You can choose to make the tunnel-walls transparent, but you have to be pretty fast to decide whether an opponent is located on one side or on the other, resulting in some pretty difficult times when you finally do hit them, because the other opponents won't wait.

Also, the 'bonus-levels' are totally different from the rest of the game, because you have to fly through floating hoops while gradually increasing in speed. This wouldn't be so difficult, were it not that you can only fly up to a certain height and, if you go any lower than that, might not make it back up. Also, if you miss even 1 of those hoops, you will leave the bonus-level and advance towards the next regular level, missing out on a lot of points.

Speaking of points, the system which informs you of the different points, upgrades and other things is made in such a way that it sometimes blocks your entire point of view. It can be altered in the options to be somehow transparent, but it still is a thorn in the eye sometimes.

The Bottom Line

If you love fast-paced action, this is the game for you. If you can't watch fast-moving, flashing screens, don't play this game. In fact, don't even watch someone playing this game!

All in all is the addictiveness rating for this game (On a scale of 1 to 10) 8.5. Once you begin, you don't want to stop!