Tempest 2000 (Windows)

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Written by  :  Chris Martin (1204)
Written on  :  Mar 01, 2000
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  2.25 Stars2.25 Stars2.25 Stars2.25 Stars2.25 Stars

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A half-hearted attempt to bring back a classic.

The Good

Quite frankly, Tempest 2000 could have used a bit more work.

The only nice thing about it was really the music and the powerups. But then the same 2 were part of it's downfall (more on that later).

The Bad

OK, It's later. There were a lot of problem with this game that just completely detracted from the gameplay.

The Graphics were... blah. They could have done a lot better considering the state of computers in this day and age.

The Control is lousy. You can either use a joystick or the keyboard. No Mouse options. I would have loved to play the game with the mouse. When playing with the keyboard it is EXTREMELY difficult to control.

The sound is adequate, although the background music gets extremely annoying after a while.

But out of all the different problems, The gameplay in general is the worst. OK, flashback to the original game. The enemies come up from the center of the screen and you shot towards them. The same happens here, but the problem is increased when you get power-ups. The programmers must have thought it would be "cool" if the name of the power up appeared... guess where.... in the MIDDLE of the screen! So the powerups which are supposed to help you win the game end up hindering your progress because they block the view of the enemies as they advance.

The Bottom Line

If you are into Retro-gaming, by all means pick it up for the fact that it's Tempest. But if you are looking for a shooter, by all means there are better ones out there.