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Faithful conversion of the Greyhawk P&P module with the same name, spoiled by bugs Cadorna (223) 2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars2.5 Stars
Here's 400 reasons to play Troika games 400 weeks after its official release. Indra is stressed (20719) 2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars
Passes the time well, but won't be your favorite cRPG. Tennessee Ernie Ford (18) 3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars3.17 Stars
Decent combat rules implementation - really really bad UI. What happened to Troika? weregamer (169) 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
Gary Gygax rules! Jeff Whichello (3) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
A disappointment. tomimt (358) 2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars
Design and code flaws ruin yet another Troika RPG tbuteler (3156) 2.29 Stars2.29 Stars2.29 Stars2.29 Stars2.29 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.1
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.9
Overall User Score (46 votes) 3.4

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Temple of Elemental Evil does a great job overall of recreating pen and paper combat, and mostly sticks to the plot of the original module too. For an RPG with this type of interface, it is by far the best in its class. I often play at 800 by 600 instead of 1024 by 768 mode, just because I like to see this beautiful world zoomed in a bit. I am going to give Temple of Elemental Evil five GiN Gems for their treasure chest, but take a half gem off for both gameplay and value, based on the bugs. This still gives them a perfect score average, but gamers take note that this will only really be a 100 percent hit once they get all the bugs squashed.
GamePro (US) (Oct 06, 2003)
The lack of multiplayer options is a shame, but TTOEE is the best D&D title in recent memory, especially since parties of different alignments (good, evil, neutral) all face unique plots. This all adds up to one monstrous nonlinear RPG packed with plenty of replay value. If you're looking to kill roughly 200 hours of free time, here's the perfect opportunity.
GameSpy (Sep 16, 2003)
Role-playing gamers of a certain vintage are likely to remember The Temple of Elemental Evil adventure for the early Advanced Dungeons & Dragons paper-and-pencil game. It's is widely considered a classic, and many adventurers cut their teeth on it. Those same gamers may also remember the series of "Gold Box" computer RPGs, which many consider to be some of the greatest translations of the paper-and-pencil game to date. Good news: If you remember either of these things fondly, you'll find a lot to like in The Temple of Elemental Evil (ToEE).
GameZone (Oct 21, 2003)
In many ways, Temple of Elemental Evil is typical of the look and style of the genre. In many other ways, this game has a unique quality that insures replayability and many different outcomes. This is a game that those who are serious about D&D-based RPGs should have in their library.
Gamigo (Jan 19, 2004)
Wer bisher aufgrund der englischen Sprache vor diesem Rollenspiel zurück geschreckt ist, kann bei der deutschen Version bedenkenlos zugreifen. Die Lokalisation wurde ordentlich gemeistert und am Inhalt hat sich natürlich nichts geändert. Es bleibt also ein Titel für Profis, die über einige vermeidbare Bugs und Fehler hinwegsehen können, letztendlich aber für unzählige Stunden bestens unterhalten werden. Also, raus mit dem alten Langschwert und ab in den nächsten Laden.
PC Action (Nov 07, 2003)
Da muss ich mir als alter Rollenspiel-Hase erstmal eine Träne aus den Augenwinkeln wischen. Taktische Rundenkämpfe, eine sehr gute Grafik und das neue D&D 3.5-Regelwerk in einem frischen Szenario. Was will ich mehr? Abgesehen von einer etwas besseren Steuerung, einem nicht ganz so hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad und einer Gehaltserhöhung recht wenig. Die 1:1-Umsetzung des Regelsystems mit den vielen Statistiken und der Rundenkampf sind sicher nicht jedermanns Sache. Aber alle, die nur auf ein solches Spielerlebnis gewartet haben oder sich zumindest damit anfreunden können, erwartet ein wahrer Leckerbissen.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2003)
Für Hardcore-Rollenspieler mit einem Faible für taktische Kämpfe ist Temple of Elemental Evil eine Offenbarung: Kein anderes Spiel setzt das D&D-Regelwerk derart präzise um und stellt mich dabei vor so anspruchsvolle und abwechslungsreiche Gefechte, bei denen ich deutlich mehr Denkarbeit leisten muss als in den meisten Strategiespielen. Ich vermisse jedoch eine epische Rahmenhandlung wie bei Neverwinter Nights, Dialoge à la Planescape Torment und die Questvielfalt von Baldur’s Gate 2. Für mich gehört zu einem erstklassigen Rollenspiel eben mehr als die zugegeben sehr guten Kämpfe. Wer sich davon aber nicht abschrecken lässt und Icewind Dale 2 zu simpel findet, wird Temple of Elemental Evil lieben.
Joystick (French) (Nov, 2003)
ToEE est un très bon RPG solo d'affiliation D&D, pour les amateurs de baston permanente. Mais il est rendu presque injouable par les bugs. Prions ensemble pour un vrai patch conséquent. Dans l'état actuel, la note technique vaut 3/10 et l'intérêt 5/10. Vous savez à quoi vous en tenir si la rustine ne tient pas ses promesses.
Jolt (UK) (Oct 28, 2003)
It was a tough call trying to rate The Temple of Elemental Evil. No doubt that you get value for money, even without multiplayer. No doubt that the attention to detail is superb. And no doubt that the game is very enjoyable if you like your RPGs to be slow-paced and tactical. However the game has some very obvious bugs and it even crashes at times, sometimes frequently. These are bugs that in no way could have been missed by Troika. It's a shame, because they mar an otherwise excellent RPG. Thankfully a patch is on the way, although frankly it should never have been needed.
Quandary (Dec, 2003)
So although it started slowly this has been quite an enjoyable trip but not one of epic proportions. The combat is especially good, so for me the game picked up tremendously in the second part when you arrive at the Temple where there's more fighting to do. More story, though, would have gone a long, long way.
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 03, 2003)
I was excited when The Temple of Elemental Evil arrived in the mail. I have played and reviewed a number of role-playing games in the past year, but most of the games were real-time, action-oriented titles like Morrowind, Grandia Xtreme, Neverwinter Nights, and Dungeon Siege. As a near-elderly gamer who still counts the Interplay classic Wasteland as my favorite RPG of all time, I looked forward to an old-fashioned, turn-based game set in the venerable World of Greyhawk from the classic Dungeons and Dragons years. Now that I have played through The Temple of Elemental Evil, I can’t say that it completely met my expectations, but despite an almost unbelievably high number of bugs, the game is enjoyable and, if one is able to look over said bugs, can be quite addictive.
Ondanks een aantal bugs is The Temple of Elemental Evil één van de meest authentieke adaptaties van een D&D RPG-game. In plaats van een episch avontuur te verzinnen, hebben de ontwikkelaars een klassieke module omgezet naar een mooi pc-game met een turn-based gevechtssysteem. Het zit vol lastige encounters die elkaar in snel tempo opvolgen, maar heeft een magere plot. Problemen met de interface en een gebrekkige AI kunnen je plezier soms vergallen, maar voor fans van pen-en-papier D&D is er nu een perfect alternatief om alleen achter de pc te kruipen.
79 (Nov 17, 2003)
Troika Games succeeded in their goal, they honored the original Temple of Elemental Evil module and have made use of most 3.5 D&D regels to create a complex but amusing game. The combat is very challenging and adds enough new things. Because of the different alignment-playstyles and the large quantity of classes there is a reasonable replayability. The game itself has a normal lifespan for roleplaying games, it kept me interested long enough once I knew most game mechanics. It sure is a bit difficult in the beginning for people new to the ruleset. It's a shame that there is no multiplayer and that there still are quite a lot of bugs/minor errors present but The Temple of Elemental Evil surely had me firmly in its grip. Now where's that next module-to-game conversion?
GameSpot (Sep 22, 2003)
Rather than try to deliver some sort of epic, original storyline, the developers paid homage to a classic D&D campaign by faithfully capturing its settings and its challenges in a computer RPG. The result is a hack-and-slash game that's made entertaining by its complex combat system and great graphics and that suitably rewards your efforts as you survive numerous, difficult encounters to find your characters becoming much stronger. It's too bad that the game is rather rough around the edges, as issues with the interface and gameplay can occasionally undermine the fun. Then again, The Temple of Elemental Evil has some decent replay value, for good measure, due to its different intros and endings and to the overall depth of the highly refined game system that the developers managed to translate from the printed D&D rulebooks to a very good computer game.
ActionTrip (Sep 25, 2003)
All of its shortcomings aside, it's safe to say that the hardcore D&D pen-and-paper crowd will find what they want in Troika's latest CRPG achievement. Certain inconvenient moments in the gameplay might draw back average gamers. On the other hand, more experienced players might complain about some rather sloppy work on certain aspects of gameplay that can at times thwart its fluidity. Still, we feel that these issues could very well be straightened out with a patch or two. Overall, The Temple of Elemental Evil has several good points, which is why we recommend you to give it a try at least.
PC Games (Germany) (Nov 23, 2003)
Blätter rauschen im Wind, Schmetterlinge schwirren durch die Luft, Libellen flattern um einen Sumpf herum und der Mantel meines Kämpfers schwingt bei Bewegungen physikalisch korrekt mit - die 2D-Welt und die Figuren wurden mit einem beachtlichen Sinn für Details animiert. An der Präsentation gibt's deshalb nichts auszusetzen, am Spiel selber dafür umso mehr. Dass der Maus-Cursor vor allem in den Kämpfen über den Bildschirm hüpft, als hätte er Schluckauf, erschwert die Navigation in den zu kleinen Menüs. Dadurch werden die Gefechte unnötig mühsam - was schade ist, da gerade diese den Reiz von ToEE ausmachen. Vielleicht nehmen sich die Entwickler unsere aufgeführten Kritikpunkte ja zu Herzen und kümmern sich um einen Patch. Ein Baldur's Gate 2-Killer wird das Spiel dadurch zwar immer noch nicht, aber zumindest Icewind Dale 2 kann dann schon mal einpacken.
PC Gamer (Nov, 2003)
Greyhawk is a game by D&D fans and for D&D fans, and it provides all RPG fans with the opportunity to experience one of the genre’s classic adventures.
PC Zone Benelux (Dec, 2003)
Troika heeft het netjes gedaan. Beeld en geluid zijn alleraardigst en de originele DnD regels zijn strakker nageleefd dan ooit tevoren. The Temple of Elemental Evil hoort in het rijtje van grote DnD games als Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale en Neverwinter Nights. De moeilijkheidsgraad van de game ligt wat hoog, maar naarmate je karakters sterker worden is dit geen obstakel. Het enige probleem bestaat uit een aantal bugs. Kleine details, zoals pijlen die niet uit een boog schieten maar uit een hoofd lijken te komen, zouden door patches verholpen kunnen worden. Het is te hopen dat Troika dat doet, want zeg nou zelf: als monsters niet terugvechten terwijl je op ze inhakt, dan voel je je zelfs als psychokiller een beetje schuldig...
Game Shark (Jan 16, 2004)
All things considered, this is a really good game with very few drawbacks. It's definitely the best translation of the traditional D&D game to the PC format. The incorporation of the D&D 3.5 Edition ruleset is great, and works a lot better that the severely lacking and awkward Ruins Of Myth Drannor, released earlier this year. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons and the fantasy RPG genre will surely dig on The Temple Of Elemental Evil.
IGN (Sep 22, 2003)
The Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure (ToEE) is more than just a mouthful to say -- it's the first RPG to be based on the new Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules. As it's based on a classic Gary Gygax module from the '80s, ToEE has a lot to live up to. Translating such a well-known adventure, especially one originally written by the creator of D&D, is a tasks that's ripe with pressure...and I'm happy to report that Troika did a good job at pulling off that lofty task.
Game Over Online (Nov 18, 2003)
Overall, TTOEE ends up being a disappointing game. I mean, Troika is the group behind wonderfully complex role-playing games like Fallout and Arcanum, and then they release a straightforward combat game. So, while TTOEE had its moments, I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but serious power-gamers and fans of turn-based strategy games like Jagged Alliance might want to give it a try.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Nov, 2003)
TTOEE biedt heel wat vernieuwingen in de gameplay en zal de hardcore rpg'ers in de ban houden, maar kijk toch maar even de kat uit de boom tot er officiële patches verschijnen. TTOEE is een echte uitdaging voor ervaren spelers, maar wordt geplaagd door de vele bugs.
Game Chronicles (Nov 28, 2003)
While Troika has delivered all the authentic rules and a quality settings of an AD&D module, the gameplay is a bit repetitive and often lacking in originality and when you factor in an unforgivable amount of bugs and glitches, only the most diehard adventurer will see this game to its ultimate conclusion.
70 (Nov 03, 2003)
Dass ich nach wenigen Stunden Spielzeit bereits so frustriert sein würde, war jedoch alles andere als klar: Das oberflächliche Tutorial ist angesichts der Komplexität des Regelwerks ein schlechter Witz, die zahlreichen Bugs und Logikfehler zehren unbarmherzig an der Motivation und meine Party scheint einfach nicht immer das zu machen, was ich will. Dabei hätte das Greyhawk-Abenteuer durchaus das Potenzial zu mehr gehabt: Die ausgefeilte Charaktererstellung ist Ambrosia für alle Rollenspieler, das Kampfsystem ist durchdacht, die Grafik klasse und die vielen Startpunkte reizen zum Neuanlauf. Aber leider hat das Team von Troika Games zu wenig Zeit in die Qualitätssicherung und Spieltechnik investiert, als dass man das Böse wirklich entspannt bekämpfen könnte. Angesichts des kürzlich veröffentlichten Patches und der ungeheuer motivierenden Kämpfe kann sich der Titel gerade noch die 70 Prozent sichern.
Knights of the Old Republic är årets rollspel. Baldur's Gate II sitter kvar på fantasytronen ännu ett slag. Men Troika har bevisat att de är utvecklare att räkna med och att de är på väg åt rätt håll. Om spelet lättas upp och alla missarna rättas till i en uppföljare blir jag den första att lyfta på hatten och erbjuda mitt svärd.
ritten by Gary Gygax, The Temple of Elemental Evil is the one of Dungeons & Dragons most popular campaign settings of all time, according to the press release. Personally, that means just about nothing to me, but to D&D fans across the world, I presume it means that it’s good. There are even more reasons for D&D fans to rejoice. Temple is the first PC title to utilize the 3.5 rule set, and that includes most – but not quite all – of the feats it brings. There are even two separate quests and two difficulties. For all the hoopla that the module and rule set bring, I found the game itself to be fairly dry. From the graphics to the gameplay, in the eye of this beholder, Temple of Elemental Evil screams mediocrity.
70 (Nov 21, 2003)
Le Temple du Mal Elémentaire n'est pas le style de jeu que l'on ne termine qu'une fois, vous perdriez une grande partie de son intérêt qui consiste à recommencer l'aventure avec d'autres personnages pour avoir accès à d'autres compétences et d'autres quêtes. Bien réalisé, il est cependant dommage qu'il soit si court, que les combats soient aussi lents et lourds à gérer, qu'il n'y ait pas de mode multijoueur, et que les quêtes soient rares et simplistes. Un jeu qui n'arrive donc pas à nous faire oublier Baldur's Gate 2 et Icewind Dale 2, mais qui pourra cependant vous faire passer un bon moment grâce à la richesse des règles AD&D 3.5, dont il est le premier à bénéficier.
GameBanshee (Oct 03, 2003)
In short, even if you passionately like the kind of RPG described above, I would suggest holding off the purchase of TOEE until the patch is released—and check forum websites like GameBanshee to make sure it addresses all the problems.
65 (Jul 09, 2005)
Pour bien comprendre l'angoisse du joueur à l'heure de lancer une première partie du Temple du Mal Elémentaire sur PC, il faut partager avec lui la connaissance d'un monde étrange, celui des premières parties sur table des règles avancées de Donjons et Dragons. A cette époque, le Temple du Mal Elémentaire était clairement destiné à terroriser les joueurs qui avaient pris la mauvaise habitude de gonfleur leurs personnages à la faveur de scénarios un rien trop faciles. Le module fit date dans l'histoire et les salles infestées de monstres, les trappes infernales et les lugubres cavernes du temple se souviennent encore de l'odeur de transpiration et des derniers cris d'agonie de nombreux personnages.
Absolute Games ( (Nov 18, 2003)
Финальный вердикт: «Not fun». Temple of Elemental Evil представляет не столько игровой, сколько чисто академический интерес как самая честная «виртуализация» свода правил Dungeons & Dragons. Под зазывной оберткой скрываются унылый мирок, вялый дизайн, никудышного качества код и обременительная боевая система.
Netjak (Oct 06, 2003)
I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a game with so much potential. The developers went beyond what seems to be humanly possible by taking a first edition Dungeons and Dragons module, applying the 3.5 edition rules and converting this mix into a computer game. It worked surprisingly well, and The Temple of Elemental Evil was on its way to become one of the most memorable PC titles in history. Unfortunately, the release was rushed and not tested properly. It suffers from many technical problems and an enormous amount of gameplay bugs, some of which break the main quest. Considering the game’s steep learning curve and all the bugs, what was a promising title is instead one of the most frustrating games on the market, and not even additional perks, such as great graphics and intuitive interface will save it from mediocrity. While a series of patches may fix the game, its reputation as a first-class title may be tarnished beyond repair.
Withingames (Oct 10, 2003)
Mir hat Temple of Elemental Evil sehr viel Spaß bereitet, auch wenn einiges an Potential verschenkt wurde. Vieles dürfte damit zusammenhängen, dass Troika lediglich 18 Monate Zeit für das Spiel hatte. Das Spiel bietet eine Menge sehr interessanter Ansätze, sei es nun die Gruppengesinnung oder die verschiedensten Lösungswege. Dazu kommt der wohl beste, spaßigste und spannendste Kampfmodus, den jemals ein RPG vorweisen konnte. Aber die langweiligen Quests in Verbindung mit der schlechten Übersichtskarte machen den Einstieg langwierig, gerade weil man ohne die Erfahrungspunkte aus den Quests sich das Spiel deutlich schwerer macht. Trotz allem kann ich ToEE jedem RPG Spieler nur ans Herz legen, vielleicht sehen wir ja bei guten Verkäufen einen bugfreien Nachfolger oder weitere Spiele mit dem Kampfmodus aus ToEE.
Pathetically, a group of fans patched this game, and while this helped with smaller issues, it did not fix the crash bugs. And any game that is likely to cause many gamers to not even be able to finish is one we flat-out cannot recommend, regardless of how ambitious or beautiful or well-designed it may be. This one is a real shame.
1UP (May 09, 2004)
With just a little more time and care, Temple of Elemental Evil could have been great. But this ambitious RPG ends up being yet another in the seemingly endless procession of PC games released before it was properly finished, with an unacceptably huge pile of bugs, imbalances, and performance problems that needlessly and stupidly obliterate any goodwill the game itself engenders. Instead of a potential RPG of the Year, we have yet another poster child for the evils of greedy, unscrupulous game publishers, foisting an incomplete product onto an unsuspecting, eager, and soon-to-be-burned fan base. Bravo.
Game Revolution (Aug 01, 1999)
So in the end, what we have with The Temple of Elemental Evil is a good RPG brought down by the very thing it touted as a feature: complexity. Buggy gameplay and a distinct lack of plot turn this promising game into a lesson in mediocrity. If you do have the urge to buy it, wait until Atari finally fixes the game. Until then, there are plenty of other RPGs out there to satisfy.