Tender Loving Care (Windows)

Tender Loving Care Screenshots

Windows version

The opening title
Sign in
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. John Hurt
Breakfast in bed
"How did I end up in this game?"
This is where the magic happens
House of Horrors
Play it again, Sam
Shrinks, gotta love 'em
Relationship problems
Helloooooo nurse
TLC gameplay works like this: (A) Watch some story video (these shots are from the CD version).
(B) Dr. Turner quizzes you on your interpretation of what you just witnessed.
(C) Answer the doctor's questions knowing that what you say will influence the direction of the story.
(D) Read a brief profile of what the doctor thinks of you based on your answers (optional).
(E) Roam around the house looking for hot spots.
(F) Use the hot spots to pry into the character's personal business.
(G) When you are done being nosy, take a Thematic Apperception Test...
(G) ... where you answer questions about a series of images to help build your psychological profile (and direct the story).
(H) Return to step (A) and repeat. A different set of answers next time you play and she'll appear topless in this scene.