Written by  :  Benjamin Willis (3)
Written on  :  Jul 30, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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From an avid gamer... This is one of the best space sims that I have played.

The Good

Since my beginnings as a gamer in the late 80's, I have only come across a couple of games that have intrigued me as much as this has. I have always been a fan to simulation games from Sid Meier's works of art to space sims of Lucas Film fame. With the inclusion of extensive multiplayer support, advanced AI, and an intriguing story line(if that is your choice in game play) This should be included in that list of games that are forces to be reckoned with.

Refering to your choice of game play... This is one of the many strengths of this game. With a story line option to chose from or free mode (both playable as multiplayer games) and real time space exploration/combat, this game has options even the most exhaustive gamer will find hard to eliminate. With these options, you have the choice to play soldier (military) or try your hand at more independently motivated characters (civilians).

In a nut shell, a game like this is a must for anyone remotely interested in space sims with a combination of a RPG.

The Bad

With my ramblings above, one could deduce that I can't find much wrong with this game.... however, I am not an idealist that believes that there are 100% perfect, your-wife-can-even-understand-your-gaming-passion games out there. One drawback that I do see is some of the inner story line graphics that are employed. Granted this is minor when it comes to game play, however they do set you back on Earth while flyin' high in space.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, take Tie Fighter's attention to storyline gameplay... take Freespace's graphics model... and an extensive, on-line, multiplayer community and you have Terminus.