Test Drive 4 Credits


Concept & DesignAccolade Inc.
Additional Design & DevelopmentThe Pitbull Syndicate Ltd.
Produced and Published byAccolade Inc.
ProgrammingIan Copeland, Chris Kirby, James Parr, Darren Tunnicliff, Michael Troughton, Robert Troughton, Darren Tunnicliff
ArtistsRichard Beston, Stephen Dietz, Dave Irons, Jonathan F. Kay, Kevin Preston, Gareth Pugh, David Taylor
PhotographySlade Anderson, Brian Wanamaker, Chris Downend, Richard Beston, Stephen Dietz, David Taylor
Sound EngineerPeter Hewitson
Pitbull TestingStephen Hancock, Darren Kelly
Special Thanks ToDaisy and Rasta, Any and all friends of Pitbull, Grumpy Mama
Executive ProducerChris Downend
Produced BySlade Anderson, Chris Downend
Associate ProducerSlade Anderson
Assistant ProducerJeffrey Gregg
International ProducerAlisa Schaefbauer
USA Mastering SupervisorLuis Rivas
Test ManagerAlex V. Cabal
Lead TesterMatthew Guzenda
TestersJason Cordero, Erik Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, Marie Person, Arif Sinan, James Strawn
Compatibility CoordinatorDavid Abrams
Product Marketing SupervisorSteven M. Allison
Licensing SpecialistGabrielle Benham
Intro MovieMondo Media
Introductory Cinematic Sound DesignRichard Kelly
DocumentationWilliam D. Robinson
Additional Sound EffectsTommy Tallarico Studios Inc.
Compatibility TestsST Labs Inc.
Thanks toThe Automobile manucfacturers for the good collaboration by the development of Test Drive 4. It was very special to experience those Super and Muscle Cars at first hand.
Additional Special Thanks ToJim Barnett, David P. Grenewetzki, Stan Roach, Neil Johnston, Bill Linn, Erica Krishnamurthy, Tim Walsh, Ted Tahquechi, Allen Edwards, Brian Wanamaker, Steve Vandevier, Virgil Hall, Tegan Hall, Ben Samuelson, Steve Temple, John O'Neill, Lisa Shamus, Mike Darrow, John Maries, Suncoast Sports Car Rental

Electronic Arts Europe

Product ManagerDarryl Still
Production ProcessingJackie Daly
Documentation EuropeJames Lenoël
Documentation LayoutSaunders/Milner
Project Manager LocalizationSonia Yazmadjian
Translation CoordinationPetrina Wallace, Clare Parkes
Quality AssuranceSimon Romans
German Localization LeadBianca Normann
German TranslationTina Klos
German TestersLars Berenbrinker, Ulrich Israel, Manuel Bertrams, Michael Lothmann
German MarketingBenedikt Schüler, Hans-Jörg Brand

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