Test Drive: Off-Road 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen from a demo of the European release
The main menu
The game's customisation options
Car selection. Clicking on the arrows at the side of the picture switches between cars switches between cars. In the demo only the Hummer is available.
Location selection. Clicking on the arrow beside the location name changes location. Only Santa Cruz is available in the demo.
The start point
The other cars quickly disappear into the distance. The landscape looks awful, the green splodge is a bush, when compared to a modern game.
The dark patch up ahead is a mud pool. It slows the car down and is best avoided. Thirteen seconds to make it to the first checkpoint.
Checkpoint ahead
Not reaching a checkpoint within the specified time means disqualification and 'Game Over'
Sometimes it's hard to tell which bit of the road is flat
Further down the trail the race goes along a river bed
Out of time and going the wrong way!
The features of the full game as shown in the exit screen of the demo version.