Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
In-game Hawaii map. The player can zoom in to see (and set GPS marker or quick travel) to locations and events.
Customize your character's face.
You can dress up your character. New clothing items must first be purchased by earning coupons.
Realistic traffic lights system
Vehicle delivery mode: Driving from A to B without damaging the car. A concept from NFS:Porsche's, but no time limits here.
Test driving a Caterham CSR (notice the little icon saying Test). HDR Lightening effects on interior and windscreen when hit by sun can be seen.
Dash of an Audi TT. Instrument panel contains working tachometer and speedometer. Certainly a good place to be.
Built-in photo mode allows you to take a perfect shot from any imaginable angle.
The in-game menu with all the current player options
View from behind and below the player's car
The helicopter view can be really spectacular.
Drifting the 350Z at slow speeds. Note how detailed the dashboard is.
Enjoying the spectacular sea side scenery.
Doing it in style: Race won screen and the results.
A race of the old timers
Inside the Pontiac Firebird, a car that makes you driving it with a smile!
Race begins in the scenic woods.
The icon on the top indicates that there's a copper in front of us.
Once you've acquired some cash you can buy a decent house... and less clothes :)
"Tackling the giant hairpins" is my favourite course and you can see the reason!
The game replays can give you some spectacular shots full of photoreal nature.
A race only for Ford models! GTs against Mustangs? That's heavily unfair!
The Ford GT has the sweetest drifting feeling in the game, just push the gas pedal and the tail sweeps like a poem :)
Watching the drift from the cockpit... note the speedo! Just don't try this with your every day car!
Once you've won all challenges of a specific type, you also win one of the many prototypes. Here I'm testing properly my new trophy, the Alfa Romeo 8C in the "Tackling the giant hairpins".
Jaguar E-Type. Screenshot made using entirely game photo editor.
Battle of titans. Almost.
Here you can upgrade any car in the game. Not for free, of course.
Paint shop. You can select one of the manufacturer defined colors or make your own.
Ah! AC 289.
Interaction with other players
Is this Back to the Future 4?
Running from the crime scene
Beauty and the beast
This really is no contest
Countryside roads are hidden beauties
Volcano top tunnel
Lotus Esprit cruising
A blue Esprit V8 in Photo Mode. Notice that there is no driver inside.
AC 289 (also known as Shelby AC Cobra) from the front (with driver).
A silver Carterham 7 from the side. This car was introduced in Test Drive 5 as Carterham Super 7, and Test Drive 6.
This is the inside of the car. Notuce that it is painted blue rather than silver.