Tetris Worlds (Windows)

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Tetris Worlds Credits


Original ConceptAlexey L. Pajitnov
Master Game DesignerHenk B. Rogers
Director of Game Design ESP
Lead Game DesignerDavid B. Pellas Sr.
Tool ProgrammerJohn K. Morris
Game DesignersDavid Nolte, Alexey L. Pajitnov, John Ray
Graphics DesignerSlava Likhatchev
Consulting DesignerScott Kim
Technical DesignerDenis Trofimov
Executive ProducerMark Netter
Senior ProducerJim Siefert
Associate ProducerChad Lowe
Lead ProgrammerChris Gullette
ProgrammersRussell Borogove, Jon Cortelyou, Brian Dodd, Dominick Fosco, Christopher Robin Stewart
Art DirectorMarina Goldberg
Lead Artists/AnimatorsLeonid Korostyshevskiy, Vadim Sotskov, Kimberly Unger
Artists/AnimatorsMelchor Alquero, Steve Devaney, James Alexander Dollar, Clark Sorenson
Audio ProducerDonovan Miller
Arcade Tracks byKen Inaoka, Syzgy
Voice of Tetris World eKim
Mino Leader VoiceLeslie Hedger
QA ManagerJohn Fitz Randolph
Tetris MasterEphraim Chung
TestersColin Anderson, Terri Gullette, Brian Rogers, Leo Rogers, Michael Rogers, Joe Sephora, Amy Taylor, Marcel Vinson
Special Thanks ToDavid M. Anderson, Sharon Lee Christopherson, Jim Cox, Daniel Goldberg, Raymond Holmes, Tracy Jackson, Bryan Johnson, Herman Kaiser, Lindsay Lowe, Kyoko Mitchell, Bert Molinari, Benbuck Nason, Chad Robertson, Akemi Rogers, Julie Rogers, Raul Santelices, Chris Ryu Tang, Pramod Venugopal
CEO (Blue Planet)Henk B. Rogers
President (Blue Planet)Nick Garnell
Director of Business DevelopmentJohn Ray
Director of Product DevelopmentMark Netter
Director of Tetris DesignEdward Rogers
ControllerJohn Engstrom
Executive Producer (THQ)Scott Krager
Producer (THQ)Nathan Rose
Associate Producer (THQ)Curtis R. Cherrington
Assistant Producer (THQ)Ryan Kull
Director of QA  (THQ)Jeremy S. Barnes
Lead Tester (THQ)Byron Guerrero
Testers (THQ)Mark Azali, Mike Coates, Josh Cornish, Justin Drolet, Chad Bryan Jones, Phillip Lawless, Brian McElroy, Alexander Plachowski, Brent Simons, Danny Smith, Chaille Stidham
Database Administrator (THQ)Jason Roberts
QA Technician (THQ)David Waibel
QA Training Coordinator (THQ)Colin Totman
Group Marketing Manager (THQ)Alison Quirion
Product Manager (THQ)Monica Guerra
Director, Media Relations (THQ)Liz Pieri
Media Relations Manager (THQ)Reilly Brennan
Director, Creative Services (THQ)Howard Liebeskind
Associate Creative Services Manager (THQ)Melissa Roth
Manual Text (THQ)Kirk Somdal
Package and Manual Design (THQ)Michael Jacobs
Special Thanks To (THQ)Peter Dille, Brian J. Farrell, Jeffrey Lapin, Alison Locke, Mark Netter, Alexey L. Pajitnov, Michael Rubinelli, Jim Siefert

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Credits for this game were contributed by phlux (4142)