Thexder Credits (Windows)

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Thexder Credits


Designed byRobert C. Clardy, Kirt Lemons
Directed byMichael D. Branham, Robert C. Clardy
Produced bySteven Lee Miles
ProgrammingMichael D. Branham, David L. Jackson, Cheryl A. Makovsky
ArtJeremy Jones, Kirt Lemons, Mike McMillen, Kate Policani, Kevin Ring, Alan Speed, Jerry Speed, Carl Square, Patrick Watje, Peter Watje, Linda Westerfield
MusicChristopher Barker, Craig Utterback
Sound EffectsCraig Utterback
Level DesignDerek Clardy, Robert C. Clardy, Bob Westerfield, Linda Westerfield
Voice TalentMichael D. Branham, Craig Utterback, Juliet Utterback
Test and QADerek Clardy, Wesley Cumberland, Erin Durdy, Christian Johansen, Bob Westerfield, Linda Westerfield
Online ManualMichael D. Branham, Steven Lee Miles, Linda Westerfield
Special Thanks ToMichael D. Branham, Derek Clardy, Hibiki Godai, Steven Lee Miles, Satoshi Uesaka, Ken Williams

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Credits for this game were contributed by Adam Baratz (1484)