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Title screen.
Other than in your average 3D shooter, direct confrontation with enemies is very dangerous in Thief.
Undead cannot be killed, unless you use holy water or shoot them with fire arrows.
The maps are unprecise, but indispensible.
Ah! Found the valuable sword that you're supposed to steal in one mission.
A skeleton guard attacks in the foundry.
Ratmen? Something strange's going on here for sure.
Tactical use of arrows: Crossing a canal with a rope arrow.
Hammerite high priests throw magical hammers at Garrett.
Deep underground, strange insect creatures roam.
Seconds before death.
Hammerites hate the Undead and fight them on sight, ignoring you.
Thief features a physics engine, however crude. An explosion, for example, sends this barrel flying.
A pack of ratmen attacks.
Years before No One Lives Forever, Thief let you eavesdrop on guard conversations.
The bow zoom helps Garrett change the effect of an arrow from damaging to deadly.
Cragsleft Prison
'Down in the Bonehoard' has a lot of platform elements, and traps
That's a long way up!
Sneaking up behind some townsfolk. Stay quiet! Stay in the shadows! Stay ready to make a move!
Garrett is trained with a sword, just in case his sneaking didn't go so well
The ruins of the underground city still hold the occasional piece of treasure
Like many first person games, you can swim in the water in thief. However your view is tinted green making it difficult to see
STOP! THIEF! An entire Hammerite temple chases after Garrett
Floating balls of fire may look simple, but will patrol areas with deadly force
Expect to venture down quite a few dark alleys, just like this one
Fire arrows are a powerful weapon and can light torches. However it will also light up any shadows you may be trying to hide in
Looking at the night sky.
Outside the mines.
Peering around the corner.
Outside the Hammer tombs...
Climbing down a rope.
Swimming through a narrow tunnel.
Reading Cutty's journal.
Game over.
Sneaking around a castle.