Thomas Was Alone Credits


ForKerry Dyer (credited as Kerry)
CreatorMike Bithell
Additional Music and MasteringPaul Housden
NarratorDanny Wallace
MeshesBilly Kavanagh, Tom Jackson
The Idea for Level 24Matthew Matkinstein
VO RecordingSide
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Special ThanksEveryone at Bossa, Alex Tutty, Andrew Smith, Aubrey Hesselgren, Cat Burton, Dan Marshall, Dave Surman, Daz Watford, Éric Chahi, Everyone at Audiomotion, George Backer, C. Henrique Olifiers, Iain Simmons, Imre Jele, Jas Purewal, Keith Stuart, Kerry Dyer, Lewis Denby, Matt Allan, Mick Morris, Everyone who cheers me on Twitter, Neil Holmes, Paul Jennings, Paul Taylor, Raph Koster, Ric Moore, Roberta Lucca, Rodrigo Monteiro, Russ Morris, Tadhg Kelly, Tim Browne, Everyone I missed off this list
Indiegogo ContributorsAdam Russell, Alex Camilleri, Alexander Macleod, Alison Gazzard, Amora Bettany, Andrew Cargill, Andrew Keeble, Aubrey Hesselgren, Ben Furneaux, Bill Kavanagh, Brian Nicolucci, Carly Ann Clements, Catherine Wolley, Charlotte Wolley, Chris Blundell, Chris Janes, Chris Whitman, Craig Millett, Dana Schwehr, Daniel Brewer, Daniel Jones, Darren Osadchuk, David Isaacson, Eamon Carey, Ed Lago, Elisee Maurer, Felipe Adrade, Fernando Pascual, Gavin Heavyside, Graham Donnelly, Graham Mcallister, Grahame Gallacher, Hannah Bunce, Heather Sheppard, Henry Suen, Iain Gillespie, Ian Ferguson, Ian Thomas, Ido Yehieli, James Manning, Jas Purewal, Jason Oliver, Jay Molloy, Joe Cavers, Johan Peitz, Jonathan Biddle, Jonathan Evans, Jurie Horneman, Karen Teixeira, Kimberly Price, Kyle Cherry, Lorenzo Orselli, Marc Kusnierz, Matt Patterson, Michael Wong, Mike Reddy, Anthony Yu, Noah Kantrowitz, Ola Sverre Bauge, Oliver Clarke, Paul Seaman, Rafael Rodrigues, Raphael Lopes Baldi, Robert Bassett, Rodrigo Monteiro, Russ Morris, Scott Macdonald, Simon Oliver, Nicholas Lovell, Stewart Gilray, Tam F, Todd McCullough, Tom Cleaver, William Barnickle

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (434720)