Thomas was Alone Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The first level starts with a quote.
Thomas discovers his abilities. Move to the white outline to exit the level.
Water is deadly for Thomas.
Chris makes his first appearance.
Online Chris can crawl through the passage below to press the white button.
Thomas is in the way for John to pass here.
The three shapes working together to move through the level.
Claire starts on top of a crumbling pillar.
Claire let's the other hop on to cross the water.
A level where Claire is alone. Watch out for the spikes.
Laura is introduced, but she is a bit shy.
Chris jumps on top of Laura.
Four shapes working together.
Free fall
It's raining and the green guy is upside down
Unique mid-air cooperation
Now what can this light be?
This only seems random, in fact it isn't
Gravity issues
These fields that change the abilities of the heroes (squares?) is a really neat idea