Thoroughbred Tycoon Credits


Original IdeaAugusto Bülow, Gustavo Bülow
Executive ProductionIncaGold plc
Game DevelopmentEspaço Informática Ltda.
Programming DirectorAugusto Bülow
Art DirectorGustavo Bülow
3D ModelsGustavo Bülow
AnimationGustavo Bülow
ProgrammingAugusto Bülow
A.I.Augusto Bülow
MusicMárcio Stein
SoundMárcio Stein
Horse ConsulterAramias Rodrigues
In‑game crowdLéo Gustavo de Castro Bülow, Cleci Tânia Bülow, Augusto Bülow, Anderson, Marco
Special Thanks toLéo Gustavo de Castro Bülow, Cleci Tânia Bülow, Christiane Marques Pereira Bülow, Aramias Rodrigues, Eduardo Freitag, Carlos Nicolini, Anderson, Marco, Cavalaria da Brigada Militar

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (199977)