Tidalis Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen
Starting out - blocks fall from the top
Creating a stream
Blocks are removed
After a chain reaction all falling blocks emit a new stream that can lead to combos
Level completed
The game boards can differ in since
The zen levels don't have any falling blocks and are more puzzle based
For each accomplishment the player earns achievements and collectibles
The wood blocks can only be destroyed by removing adjacent red blocks
These are our hosts who want nothing more than challenge the player with tricky puzzles.
Glass blocks are removed when they reach the bottom
Game over
Streams can't travel through metal grids
Sun and moon blocks can only be cleared in alternating order
An example of a brainteaser puzzle. Here the player has to remove all blocks in one go
By creating a custom game the player can combine any game style, block type and items into a unique game.
There's a number of different block styles available to choose from. Here's one with a more retro look.
A two board multiplayer game
The level editor