Written by  :  MAT (177598)
Written on  :  Jun 05, 2000
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

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Are you ready to be a li'l loopy?

The Good

One thing always drive me frenzy crazy (in a very positive way) when it comes to games. That thing is called The Animation. Or we could easily make it plural. Anyway, this game is quite okay in animations, but it reveals the other thing much much more. The Action and lust for continuing until the game was finished the very same day. If you better think, you'll be revealed by your own mind that when you play some not so much quality game, that you at least expect to joy over its animations. When you play some real-time strategy game, you can hardly wait to see the incoming afterlevel animation, when you play the role-playing game, you are driven towards the endgame animation, or some other animation that could occur while on some locations. And even the game can be deadly addictive, the animations are the one to relieve your soul, give you a small break, and tell you some story or two. But, when you play some first-person action shooter, or something, where the animations look as you play 'em, that can be tolerated, 'cuz your adrenaline is so high, that animations would only do a backward step. This game is on such course.

This game carries a proper name to its gameplay. You start as a commando, that will soon experience some time loops, in some stone age era armed only with your combat skills. You can most of all pick your opponent's weapons, and use it on other foes, but beware, each foe is resistant or not to different weapons. As you progress through well created and imagined levels, you get to new time periods, like "When in Rome...", battling roman legions, then come to the far east battling ninjas and samurai warriors. And last, but not the least... hehe, time period without the firepower is a new age, battling knights and thugs, and finally death itself. Then, the World War I time comes, where you get to shoot from some old rusty long guns, and in a newer ages machine guns and bazookas. Finally, you'll encounter future time, and computer virtual battlefield that will outcome freeing your beloved, or you'll die trying.

Finally, this is the game that gives you the opportunity and will to play & finish it more then once. It just asks you for that, and of course, you cannot say no. You need to pick old colt and try the wild wild west in real. The characters and almost everything is very much alike to Alone in the Dark trilogy, and, as a matter of fact, you move your character in exact same way, using keyboard for moving and fighting. Try this and become a Time Commando under your Wondows.

The Bad

When this game came out, I thought it's a piece of crap, loaded with nonsence. I soon realized my judgement wasn't proper, especially since I haven't seen that game by the time of judging. I guess that's my thing down. This game has none.

The Bottom Line

Awesome, dude. You gotta try it. For what it presents, you don't have to expect more then it gives you, so you won't have to be dissapointed. Nice action rpg game with all neccessary styles to win your gameplay, at least once.