Time Stand Still Credits (Windows)

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Time Stand Still Credits


A game byMikael Nyqvist, Eleen Nyqvist
Creative consultantLen Green
Carol's voice bySara Louise Williams
Herb Garden workerBjörn Larsen
KatarinaAnn Nyström (Face), Sue Anderson (Voice)
New Age store clerkAmin Chireh (Face), Jonathan Boakes (Voice)
Solvig LiedbergSolvig Eriksson (Face), Petra Lundgren (Voice)
JanitorBigge (Face), Gareth Williams (Voice)
Mona RedvallPetra Lundgren
Adam QuiltingVeine Andersson (Face), Mikael Nyqvist (Voice)
SimonaJeanette Björkdahl-Malmstedt (Face), Sue Anderson (Voice)
JewellerGerhard Andersson
Beta testersLeif Åstrand, Astrid Beulink, Doug Bradley, Bonnie Collins, Louis Crispino, Robert Fike, Carla LeGall, Max Novak, Vicki Riisager, Ana Sprague, Connie Straughan
Picture puzzle byConceptis Puzzles
Thanks toMargareta Österberg, Robbans Guldverkstad, S‑O Karlsson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17562)