Time Stand Still Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The entrance to your office/home
Movement is through still images via turning left, right, forward and occasionally down or up.
A haunted house! But more importantly pork loins on sale!
You will occasionally get to talk to people such as characters making return appearances from previous Carol Reed games.
The house looks so peaceful from here.
The house of mystery
Like other adventure games you will "use" items in your inventory by hovering them over "hot-spots".
More clues
In your inventory you can take close-up looks at items you pick up for further clues.
Entering the Museum of Design.
More puzzles
This guy seems to like you and he will help you along the way.
Interrogating complete strangers.
The map screen
Working on a puzzle.
Grossest item you'll have to pick-up.
Is this a puzzle?
Your inventory bar drops down.
Read for clues.
This guy is really concerned about you thinking he might be gay.