Timeline Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Inside shot
Sword-wielding shot
Outside shot
Timeline, title from the intro movie
Archaeological dig in Southern France
Lord Oliver of Castelgard
Kate Erickson and Victor Baretto to accompany the protagonist
Next to a medieval mill
Green Chapel
Looking at Kate Erickson from above
Inside the ruined chapel
High-tech radio equipment in use
Puzzles are rather easy in this game
Boat on an underground waterway
Sir Guy de Malegant is no nice guy
Shot with a bow
Defeated opponents will yield
Running through dungeons
Apples are healing items
Castlegard Siege
Getting closer to hear a medieval conversation
Great Hall reconstructed
Siege equipment ready
Tour of the game scenes narrated by Michael Crichton himself
Ready that lance!
Defeated in the lists