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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.2
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.3
Overall User Score (6 votes) 3.5

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Gaming Nexus (Aug 02, 2012)
Absorbing gameplay and presentation combine with a mesmerizing soundtrack to create the unique experience of Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers. With an unusual narrative and world, players will switch from scratching their heads to falling in love with the characters of Tiny and Big and their exploits. Despite the game's short length, Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers captures the player's curiosity and doesn't let go till its thrilling conclusion.
Tiny & Big is a quirky, bizarre, and genuinely clever puzzle platformer, with a unique style complemented by a perfect soundtrack. There are hidden goodies in tricky places, from mini-games to new background music, and the central gameplay mechanic is strong enough that it’s fun to dip back into the levels just to explore and see how else you can destroy things and use the remains to your advantage. The tools are simple, but provide enough flexibility that there’s usually a couple of ways to progress, so long as you’re careful of being smushed by falling debris. There’s a lot of play value buried in what’s technically a fairly short game, and it encourages experimentation with every replay. Basically, Tiny & Big is exactly the kind of game you hope to find when looking to see what crazy-awesome ideas the indie gaming scene has come up with lately.
GamezGeneration (Jul 23, 2012)
Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers ist ein gelungener Puzzle-Plattformer mit kleineren Schwächen, insbesondere in der manchmal etwas zu hakeligen Kameraführung. Freunde von Indie-Games und 3D-Plattformern sollten es sich jedoch auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen. Das Jump’n'Slice-Gameplay versprüht zusammen mit dem Comic-Stil und dem äußerst gelungenen Soundtrack einen ganz eigenen Charme. Aus deutschen Entwicklerhäusen kommen sonst meistens nur neue Anno- und Siedler-Teile, die Black Pants Studios beweisen, dass man hierzulande aber auch Physik-basierte Spiele mit eigens dafür programmierten Engines auf den Markt bringen kann.
85 (Jul 21, 2012)
Tiny & Big è tutto ciò che un titolo indie dovrebbe essere. Un gioco creato senza tirar fuori cifre con un numero imbarazzante di zeri, che punta più su una direzione artistica senza pari piuttosto che sull’ossessione per il conteggio poligonale e l’iperrealismo. Un gioco realizzato da un team di soli 6 membri, in grado di rivoluzionare, nel suo piccolo, un genere ormai pieno di titoli fatti con lo stampino. È tempo che gli incontentabili videogamer più critici e snob mettano mano ai loro monocoli e osservino attentamente: è così che va fatto un indie game.
83 (Jun 29, 2012)
Tiny and Big was made extremely well and deserves a lot of credit for originality in art, music, and that superb engine it runs on. The major flaws were the lack of gameplay diversity and incomplete story. However, Tiny was a refreshing character to control and his gun was fun to fire. Tiny and Big is an inexpensive game good for a single play through and worth recommending to friends.
PC Gamer (Sep 17, 2012)
Delightfully drawn and packed with both personality and innovative game ideas, but more tiny than big.
80 (Jun 25, 2012)
Selten findet man bei derart originell aussehenden Spielen die Substanz auf Augenhöhe mit dem Stil. Dabei ist der durchaus originelle Handlungsspielraum Tinys zu jedem Zeitpunkt absolut spieldienlich. Nie hat man das Gefühl, eine nur halb realisierte Technik-Demo zu erleben, wie sie andere Titel mit vergleichbar experimentellen Werkzeugen oft sind. Im Gegenteil. Als humorvolle Sandkiste voller gewaltiger Bauklötze, die ihr nach Lust und Laune schneidet und drapiert, macht Tiny & Big einen ziemlich runden Eindruck. Es beschränkt sich aufs Wesentliche und nimmt während der kurzen Dauer vielleicht keine allzu große Entwicklung. Trotzdem genügt es mir als stichhaltiger Beweis für den Erfindergeist der deutschen Indie-Szene. Gerne mehr davon.
80 (Jun 18, 2012)
Mit Tiny & Big hat sich Black Pants nicht nur eine kreative Physik-Spielerei ausgedacht, sondern auch einen gut funktionierenden Plattformer drumherum gebastelt. Trotz des linearen Aufbaus gibt es fast immer ein paar alternative Lösungswege - und genau diese Experimente machen das Spiel so unterhaltsam. Auch der verschrobene Comic-Stil und der psychedelische Rock-Soundtrack passen prima. Für einen Gold-Award bietet das Spiel aber zu wenig. Im nur gut drei Stunden kurzen Abenteuer tauchen bis auf wehrlose Wüsten-Nager keine Gegner auf. Stattdessen gibt es abseits der ruhigen Pfade nur Bosskämpfe, bei denen der etwas zu fummelige Cursor des Lasers dazwischen funkt. Falls eine zweite Episode geplant ist, sollte der Held ruhig auch ein paar Extra-Fähigkeiten dazu lernen. Das Fundament dafür ist gelegt, denn das Basteln eigener Plattformen funktioniert jetzt schon richtig gut und fühlt sich erfreulich frisch an.
Vandal Online (Jul 10, 2012)
Nos ha encantado Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers, te deja con una sonrisa en la boca y su mecánica de cortar y mover rocas se siente fresca y diferente, así como su ambientación tanto visual como sonora. Puede que sus entre 3 y 4 horas que dura puedan sonar a poco por los 10 euros que cuesta, pero en caso de querer sacarle todo el jugo, encontrar todos los coleccionables y sacar todos sus logros, esta duración se puede elevar en unas cuantas horas más. Si os gustan los plataformas tridimensionales, los títulos indies y buscáis algo distinto y fresco, este es vuestro juego (hay una demo disponible en Steam, os animamos a probarla). Con un poquito más de ambición podía haber llegado más lejos, pero tal y como es resulta genial, y nos ha sabido a gloria entre tanto juego de tiros y falto de carisma y personalidad.
Spazio Games (Jul 12, 2012)
Nel complesso Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftover è un ottimo titolo indipendente. Un platform ricco d'azione realizzato con una cura quasi artistica al punto da sprizzare stile, carisma e ironia da tutti i pori. Purtroppo ha il solo difetto di essere inevitabilmente corto. Per fortuna non costa un'esagerazione ma i più tirchi aspetteranno comunque di recuperarlo scontato. Senza ombra di dubbio una piacevole rivelazione.
DarkZero (Jul 19, 2012)
All in all I loved Tiny and Big. Even though it is a fairly short game story wise, the secrets and sub-objectives add up to what I believe is a suitable asking price of £9.99. The art style is a breath of fresh air, the gadgets are ground-breaking and the characters are entertaining to say the least. The environment is beautifully made, most of which gives you lots of freedom and creativity. The ending feels just like an episode of your favourite cartoon that leaves you happy and waiting for more. I thoroughly enjoyed Tiny’s adventure and hope Black Pants Games Studio has an episode two lined up for us!
NZGamer (Jul 11, 2012)
While it’s not every day that emails about “underpant games” make it through my spam filters, I’m particularly glad this one did. It’s indie gaming at its finest.
GamesRadar (Jul 15, 2012)
Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is a fabulous, unique gaming experience powered by a fantastic gameplay hook. Tiny’s tools are really fun to play with, and the game is wrapped in a beautiful, hip aesthetic. It’s a unique platformer that provides mechanics we haven’t seen executed this well elsewhere, and considering the single-digit number of the Black Pants Studio team members, it’s even more impressive. Tiny & Big may be a tiny package from a tiny team for a tiny price, but it packs a huge wallop.
Game Informer Magazine (Jun 27, 2012)
Tiny & Big is short; most gamers should finish in under five hours. It’s not terribly taxing of your brain or fingers, as the puzzles aren’t tough to figure out and action segments have generous checkpoints. It is, however, an excellent way to fill an afternoon or two with a playfully absurd story and godlike power over a heavily physics-modeled world. Heck, I’d consider paying the $10-15 asking price just for the exceptional, eclectic soundtrack. My fingers are crossed for this to do well enough that Black Pants studio can stay in business and keep making more episodes for years to come.
75 (Jun 28, 2012)
Tiny and Big is een action-platformgame met een unieke grafische stijl en toffe gameplay. De laser is leuk om te gebruiken en het leveldesign zit grotendeels slim in elkaar. Het spel kan bijna in een adem genoemd worden met genregenoten Portal of Psychonauts. Helaas is de game daarvoor veel te kort en weten de makers duidelijk niet het maximale uit hun gimmick te halen.
3D Juegos (Jul 02, 2012)
Cierta falta de ambición en el desarrollo de la acción han impedido que Tiny & Big se convierta en un mejor juego de plataformas y puzles, aunque es innegable que el resultado final está a un nivel muy alto. Su alocado sentido del humor, la posibilidad de modificar con gran libertad cada escenario y el bajo precio al que se ha puesto a la venta lo convierten en una compra muy recomendable.
75 (Jul 12, 2012)
Creato da un team di sei persone, Tiny & Big: Granpas Leftovers mescola platform e puzzle tridimensionali ma non è ambientato in piccole stanze chiuse. Anzi, i livelli del titolo sono piuttosto ampi e, pur essendo spesso lineari, lasciano una grande libertà d'azione. Proprio per questo il level design e gli enigmi risultano meno rifiniti e non certo all'altezza di quanto offerto da pezzi da novanta come Portal. In ogni caso lo stile peculiare e la varietà consentita dall'uso del laser, valgono i 10 euro chiesti dagli sviluppatori.
ZTGameDomain (Jul 13, 2012)
Overall, I think Tiny and Big is a decent little experience. The game play never wears out its welcome, and the presentation is unique. There are some small quips with the game, but for ten dollars, you can get a fun experience with some replay value.
MMGN (Jun 26, 2012)
Despite the complete lack of progression on all fronts, Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is a fun and challenging experience that sticks out thanks to its unique art style, audio and name. While the game can be finished in just a few hours, the sandbox nature and simply fun and challenge should keep gamers coming back every few months to smash through it again. We'd love to see these characters return in a sequel that has a little more depth, but for now we're more than satisfied.
Worth Playing (Sep 29, 2012)
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is a good, but not great, indie puzzle platformer. The tools make puzzle-solving fun, and the subtle humor really accentuates things. The look and sound are also great, so that'll surely surprise people who think indie titles are mostly 2-D pixelated affairs. While the game length would be something to gripe about, the real complaint is in the lack of puzzle variety. The experience is worthwhile, especially at the $9.99 digital download price, so players who enjoy a good puzzle game should certainly give this one a shot and hope that the development team will provide a future installment that's more involving.
Destructoid (Jul 12, 2012)
In many ways, Tiny & Big paints developer Black Pants as the German equivalent of Twisted Pixel. Much like their debut The Maw, Tiny & Big hints at a young studio full of talent, personality, and charm. Like The Maw, the characters of Tiny & Big may be made into plushies and sold by the dozen, but even that won't keep the game from being anything more than a fun but slight platformer that comes shy of reaching its full potential. Here's hoping that Black Studio is able to make an even more ambitious and outlandish project someday soon. They certainly have proven they are worth it with this charming debut.
IGN (Jun 22, 2012)
At $10, Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a fun distraction. It’s the right length to keep from feeling too repetitive, though I’d still have enjoyed it a lot more if the types of tasks I had to do had evolved in ways beyond cut, push, pull, repeat, or if the story had been more heavily implemented.
gamrReview (Jul 22, 2012)
All-in-all I had a very good time with Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, but not without a number of caveats. The humor and writing are simply not entertaining, and the gameplay’s concepts are clever, but lack smooth execution. It’s easy to recommend the game to puzzle and platformer fans, but it’s hard to not be a little disappointed that the game never really reaches the potential of its awesome concept.
GameStar (Germany) (Jun 24, 2012)
Vor ein paar Jahren hab ich den 2D-Physikbaukasten Phun entdeckt. Da konnte man Objekte ebenfalls nach Belieben zerschneiden, und ich hatte unfassbar viel Spaß damit. Dieses Gefühl ruft Tiny & Big wieder in mir wach, ich könnte stundenlang nur in der Gegend herumlaufen und Sachen zerlasern. Dazu noch der tolle Soundtrack (unbedingt die paar Euro mehr ausgeben!) und der schlanke Kaufpreis ist gut angelegt, trotz der sehr kurzen Spielzeit. Zumal man mit dem Kauf deutsche Indie-Entwickler unterstützt, die in Zukunft sicher aus ihren Fehlern lernen und ein noch besseres Spiel abliefern werden.
70 (Jul 16, 2012)
An open-ended puzzler whose only real restrictions are how imaginative you’re willing to be in wielding its wonderfully bizarre gadgets.
GameOver (Greece) (Aug 02, 2012)
Το Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers αποτελεί μια ευχάριστη εμπειρία, με έναν υπέροχο οπτικό και ηχητικό τομέα και με καινοτόμους μηχανισμούς που θα σας κάνουν να το αγαπήσετε. Ίσως να είναι κάπως «τσιμπημένη» η τιμή του σε σχέση πάντοτε με αυτά που προσφέρει, όμως σίγουρα είναι ένας τίτλος που θα σας τον προτείναμε ανεπιφύλακτα ως συντροφιά για τις καλοκαιρινές σας διακοπές.
70 (Jul 05, 2012)
Laserovou řezačku, která rozpůlí sloup o velikosti žižkovského vysílače, by chtěl každý. Grandpa's Leftovers vám něco takového do ruky opravdu dá. Škoda, že je celá tahle originální arkáda tak strašlivě krátká.
New Game Network (Nov 14, 2012)
Tiny & Big is spunky and funny, but in the end a little lacking in juicy gameplay, and even though the visuals and music are above average, they’re not quite enough to make up for the other parts of the game’s defects. That said, if you’re in the mood for a little desert scramble and want something to pass the time, this little title will keep a smile on your lips.
GameSpy (Jun 21, 2012)
As intriguing and well-crafted as the adventure is, Tiny & Big peters out on a flat note that leaves me wanting more. You won't hear me clamoring for a Mass Effect 3-style ending re-write anytime soon, but the epic confrontation everything builds towards across the six stages ends in one hell of a lackluster finale that makes me question the point of it all. With dozens of deaths and lots of wayward exploring under my belt, it only took about four hours to get there. Short as the journey may be, it delivers a beautiful sandbox for wanton destruction that satisfies a primal desire to wreck stuff in creative ways.
70 (Jun 25, 2012)
Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers est une petite douceur qui se déguste d'une traite. Doté d'une ambiance musicale réussie et d'une identité visuelle bien affirmée, le titre aurait pu s'imposer comme une référence du genre. Il propose en effet une foule de bonnes idées qui auraient pu être davantage exploitées. Malheureusement, l'ensemble est un peu court et on reste sur sa faim quand vient le moment de quitter Tiny et Big.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul, 2012)
Tiny & Big ist das Anti-Minecraft: Statt Welten zu erschaffen, zerlege ich sie. Tolle Idee! Die unpräzisen Bewegungen des Helden treiben mich aber zur Weißglut: Wenn die Spielfigur wieder mal in den Tod stürzt oder von einem Felsen wird, besänftigen mich auch die amüsante Geschichte ,und der schöne Zeichenstrickstil nicht mehr. Wer viel Geduld besitzt, tut dennoch gut daran, die kreativen Entwickler (eine Gruppe Studenten aus Kassel) mit einem Kauf ihres Erstlingswerks zu unterstützen. Dann können sie es sich vielleicht auch leisten, mehr spielerische Abwechslung und Herausforderungen in den Nachfolger einzubauen.
XGN (Jul 24, 2012)
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is voor de prijs die de game draagt een leuk tussendoortje voor eenieder die zich tijdens de vakantie verveelt. Hoewel de oplossingen van sommige puzzels voorhanden liggen en je het jezelf makkelijk kunt maken, is het natuurlijk leuker om je creativiteit te gebruiken. Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is helaas van erg korte duur, hoewel je jezelf geen seconde zult vervelen. Kortom: een heerlijk tussendoortje dat naar meer smaakt.
Darkstation (Aug 31, 2012)
Tiny & Big is not an altogether bad game. It’s certainly not broken, it has a lot going for it, and on paper it would sound great. But it also serves as a good example as to why publishers can be a good thing. I think that with additional play testing and someone higher up to reign in the focus a little, Tiny & Big could have been another entry into the growing list of awesome “indie” games. As is, it’s a game with solid base but one that fails to do anything with it.
Splitkick (Jun 28, 2012)
Tiny and Big has flaws even before you pile on the frustrating boss fights. Yes, it’s only $10, but I cannot recommend it. Adding twitch elements to a relatively laid-back platformer ruins the experience. A novel mechanic and interesting art direction are not enough to forgive bad gameplay and unambitious level design. That said, I hope Black Pants (or someone else) takes another look at a cutting-based platformer in the future, because there is definite potential here.