To the Moon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
As the scientists arrive at the house, crashing the car, the constant bantering begins.
A menu appears posing the question how to proceed.
Examining a piece of sheet music Johnny wrote for his wife.
A troubling room filled with origami rabbits
A look at the in-game menu
The game is nothing like this, but it enjoys mocking the engine it runs on.
This is the puzzle section where each memento needs to be reconstructed.
Inside Johnny's memory. The arrow near the top of the screen shows which phase of his life you're in.
Only when all six memory links have been collected and the memento has been found, can the latter be activated.
Johnny's sits in front on the unfinished house, dejected.
John discusses some of River's unusual behaviour.
John and River together, at a much younger age
Inside a book store where you can steer the conversation between the two lovers.
John does not remember many of the people present at the party, so you only see the outlines of them.
John and River sitting down, talking
The lighthouse River calls Anja and feels strongly about.
Roadkill stops River dead in her tracks.
A scene with horseback riding. You can ride and gallop along freely.
Inside a film theatre
Johnny asks River out for the first time.
Eva and Neil arrive at a point without a clear memory.
This is the party where the links between the different memories need to be made, in order to alter them.
Neil does a little show at the school.
Neil has his own way of trying to influence memories.
This is the point where things go awry.
Back inside the house
Talking to Lily. She watches over the house.
A defining moment in youth
At a very young age, at a festival
Playing a Whac-A-Mole mini-game
Johnny and River sit together.
They watch the stars.
The memories are reconstructed drastically at some point.
A long line of people wanting to meet an author
Watching the sky at dusk
A space shuttle ... but will Johnny be inside it?
Act one
Memory about rainy day
Memory machine
In memories, you can walk floating in the air (sometimes)
She sits alone, with her odd doll (school breakfast).
Sometimes, we remember some music, though not those who were playing it.