Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Covert Ops Essentials Credits


ComposerBill Brown

Red Storm Entertainment

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Tom Clancy
Executive Officer and PresidentDouglas G. Littlejohns
Executive Officer FinancesMike Oliver
Vice President Marketing and SalesRichard P. Wnuk
Vice President Product DevelopmentMichael Lomas
Vice President FactoryRobert Houston
Creative DirectorSteven Reid
Technical DirectorJason Snyder
Director of Game DesignBrian Upton
Marketing DirectorCarson Brice
Sales DirectorBrad Smith
Sales Director EuropeRob Gross
Marketing Manager EuropeMike Eglington
Marketing Assistance EuropeChris Legrand
External Development ManagerElizabeth Loverso
Lead Marketing ManagerWendy Beasley
Product ManagerMarcus Beer, Charles Grover Holtzclaw
Public Relations ManagerCassie Vogel
Public Relations Co‑OrdinatorApril M. Jones
Internet ManagerMur Lafferty
Fat BlokeAdrian Curry
Human Resources LeadMichelle Benson
Quality Assurance ManagerStuart White
Technical Support ManagerDeke Waters
Technical SupportFranklin A. Crawford IV, Trent Giardino
Laboratory Co‑OrdinatorScott Reid
Test LeadLance Woodward
Manual TextsDeke Waters
Manual DesignPoe Nevermore Studios

Red Storm Team - Team Athena

ProducerJohn T. Farnsworth
Art DirectorSteve Cotton
TechnicianGregory Stelmack
ArtistsJohn Michel, John Sonedecker, Eric Terry
Level ScriptsSteve Cotton, Jeff Friedlander, John Michel, Gary Stelmack, Eric Terry, Lance Woodward
Quality Assurance Analyst Lance Woodward, Gary Stelmack
Quality Assurance LeadLance Woodward
AuthorKevin Perry
Additional ArtMichael Cosner, Christopher Kemple, Steven Reid

Zombie Studios

Production LeadMark Long
ProducerJohn E. Williamson
Art DirectorRichard Starr
Level DesignerRichard Starr
3D Art LeadShawn Mulanix
Textures ArtistJamie Burton

Magic Lantern Playware

Video Design & Cutting & EditingJoe Barnes
Business & DevelopmentJohn Fowler
Purchase & Permission & Information ConnectionChris Listello
Code Design & Main ShowTech Coding & Script SystemScott McCabe
Sound FXDuncan McPherson
Music Composition and Music DesignDuncan McPherson
External Production (RSE)Kevin Perry
Art DesignerRobert Reed
TestingPeter Riis
Research & TextsPeter Riis
3D Coding & ShowTech Coding & 3D User Interface DesignMark Brian Sachs
Additional DesignPaul Schuytema
Quality AssuranceGary Stelmack

Photo Materials Origin

Photo Materials supplied byAir Force Link, American Forces Information Service, Ammo & Cammo Inc., Anthrax Vaccine Imunization Program, AP World Wide Photos, Chenowth, Combat Military Optics, CORBIS Images, Defense Visual Information Center, FEMA Reference Library Fact Sheet, Flags of All Countries, Ghillie Suits, Marine LINK Image Library, MFI, National Archives and Records Administration, Precision Arms, The Stock Market Photos, United States Navy Image Archives, Toby Albrecht

Special Thanks

Special Thanks ToTony Levintino (Centurion International), Jeff Miller (Incredible Adventures and Covert Ops), Jane Reifert (Incredible Adventures and Covert Ops), Jay Christy, Mike Markovcy, All employees of Springfield Armory, Woody Johnson (IGI Inc.), Di Rosario (IGI Inc.), David Maples (IGI Inc.), Cynthia Combs (Dr. of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte), Tony Michael (Blackhawk Industries), The Blackwater Training Centre, Progressive Technologies, Alan Brosnan (T.E.E.S.), James Wright, Michael Aquino (Dr.), Peter Baxter (Jane's Information Group), Tom Clancy, Dennis Hebler, Nick Brokhausen, Buck Revell, William Wheelahan (Lt. Col. US Army), The Santa Ana Police Department, Beretta USA, Accuracy International - Developer of AW Covert, Kama Entertainment, Zombie, Video Atlantic Productions, Matt Comeaux, Craig Stewart, All our missus - we can't say how much - without you we wouldn't managed it!

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Richard P. Wnuk, 44 other games
Trent Giardino, 39 other games
Wendy Beasley, 36 other games
Stuart White, 33 other games
Adrian Curry, 33 other games
Brian Upton, 33 other games
Marcus Beer, 33 other games
Joe Barnes, 28 other games
Elizabeth Loverso, 28 other games
Steven Reid, 28 other games
Brad Smith, 28 other games
April M. Jones, 26 other games
Mike Eglington, 25 other games
Mark Long, 25 other games
Deke Waters, 25 other games
Jason Snyder, 24 other games
Rob Gross, 24 other games
Charles Grover Holtzclaw, 21 other games
Michael Cosner, 21 other games
Kevin Perry, 20 other games
Richard Starr, 20 other games
Gregory Stelmack, 18 other games
John Michel, 17 other games
Steve Cotton, 17 other games


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