Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear Mission Pack - Urban Operations Credits


Game DesignTeam Patton
ProducerSteve Cotton
Lead ArtistTravis Getz
ArtistsJeff McFadyen, John Michel, Eric Terry
Lead EngineerJoe Sauder
EngineerRichard Campbell
Additional ArtistsMichael Cosner, Thomas DeVries, Christopher Kemple, John Sonedecker
Additional EngineersClark Gibson, Philip Hebert, Todd Lewis, Gregory Stelmack
WriterBrian Upton
Additional DesignJeff Friedlander
Quality Assurance AnalystGary Stelmack
Lead TesterKen Turner
TestersMark LaGreca, Mike Sintal, Austin Smithwick, Lance Woodward

Red Storm Entertainment

ChairmanTom Clancy
CEO and PresidentDouglas G. Littlejohns
CFOMike Oliver
EVP, Sales and MarketingRichard P. Wnuk
VP, Product DevelopmentMichael Lomas
VP, OperationsRobert Houston
Director of Creative DesignSteven Reid
Director of EngineeringJason Snyder
Director of Product DesignBrian Upton
Director of MarketingCarson Brice
Director of SalesBrad Smith
Director of European Marketing and SalesRob Gross
European Marketing ManagerMike Eglington
European Marketing AssistantChris Legrand
External Development ManagerKevin Perry
Operations ManagerElizabeth Loverso
European Operations ManagerRuth Chaloner
Senior Marketing ManagerWendy Beasley
Studio ManagerJohn T. Farnsworth
Financial ControllerChris Olson
Product Marketing ManagerCharles Grover Holtzclaw
PR CoordinatorApril M. Jones
Internet ManagerMur Lafferty
Fat BlokeAdrian Curry
Human Resource GeneralistMichelle Benson
Quality Control ManagerStuart White
Technical Support ManagerDeke Waters
Technical Support RepresentativeFranklin A. Crawford IV (IV), Trent Giardino
Lab CoordinatorScott Reid

External Development

Sound Design & MusicSoundelux Showorks
Executive ProducerJeffrey Eisner (Soundelux)
ProducerBecky Allen (Soundelux)
Composer & Music ProducerBill Brown
Game Sound DesignRonald Dutch Hill (Soundelux)
Cinematic Sound DesignBryan Bowen (Soundelux)
Casting DirectorCarole J. Ruggier (Soundelux)
Production CoordinatorGlynna Grimala (Soundelux)
Voice Talent ‑ NarratorCarole J. Ruggier
Voice Talent - John ClarkDouglas Rye
Voice Talent ‑ TerroristsIlia Volok, Jonathan Nichols
Voice Talent - Male Team MemberMichael Regan
Voice Talent - Female Team Member & HostageJohanna Parker
Voice Talent - Male HostageRon Lewis
Manual TextMichael Knight
Manual DesignNevermore Studios

Special Thanks

Richard CampbellPam Campbell, her support and inspiration allow me to reach for and hold on to my dreams, Teddy Campbell, through his eyes all things are new and exciting again, To all the gamers out there who buy and play our games - thanks this one's for you!
Michael CosnerMy family, Jon Combs, Erik Daniele, Graeme Davis, Grant K. Roberts, Richard Benson, Don & Tuck at Hoskin Megabyte Products, Upin Cosner, whose strength and love far surpasses the distance that has always seperated us
Steve CottonI'd especially like to thank my beautiful wife, Heather Cotton, for the never-ending support, mom, dad, brother for everything else, Thanks to all my relatives who bought the game & never played it - you can quit doing that now - I really CAN get you free copies, Most of all to the whole team for making my job as enjoyable & stree free as it could have been, I couldn't have given you enough ice cream!
Jeff FriedlanderCheryl Friendlander, for carrying our future child, Alexander Friedlander, and for dealing with a big kid as the same time, Julia for being the best mother-in-law possible, My loving mother, Lenny, Michelle - you have always been there for me, My best bud Tom and his wife Allison - for being the most selfless people I know, And last but surely not least - my dear Grandma Cha-Cha whom I will love always
Travis GetzThanks to my wonderful wife, Christy Getz, for supporting me in following my dreams and developing my talents, Brian Chew, Frances Chew, much thanks for their oustanding consulting regarding the Chinese characters and authenticity level for Hong Kong, Appreciation also goes out to the folks at the Red Storm United Kingdom office - for their help in making the London level what it is, Finally thanks to my parents for the outstanding photo reference for Istanbul - that is in addition to the whole giving birth to me thing of course!
Chris KempleI'd like to thank my wife just for being her, Krista Kemple, I'd also like to thank the man who invented the first true action figure - G.I. Joe - see what you started? I hope you're happy... there's no longer any room on my desk - shelves - monitor - or credit card
Jeff McFadyenTo my FiancĂ©e, Alicia Minerd, and to everyone at Red Storm for welcoming me aboard
Jon MichelSpecial thanks to God for making it ALL possible, Also thanks to the Michel family, especially Lindsey for all of the great word-of-mouth advertising for all Red Storm products
Joe SauderI'd especially like to thank my wonderful wife for her never-ending support, Amber Sauder, She gets me through ever day from start to finish and I'd definitely be lost without her - just ask her she'll tell you!, Chris Sauder, who while sitting on his front porch one day picking his teeth with a piece of wheat stalk came up with the name
Gary StelmackI would like to thank, John Stelmack, Pamela Stelmack, Gregory Stelmack, Diana Stelmack, Meg Bachman, Michael Bachman, and my entire gaming group - You all made it possible to work long hours and stay sane
Eric TerryJennifer Mungle, my family, Randall Rozzell, Chris Cardelli, and all others for their support
Special thanks toRed Storm UK, Brian Chew, Frances Chew, John T. Farnsworth, Carl Schnurr
Additional special thanks tothe original Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear team

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