Written by  :  Terrence Bosky (5472)
Written on  :  Sep 13, 2002
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
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See the World... Shoot People!

The Good

If there's a Rainbow Six game coming out, you know there will be an add-on close on its heels. Like Eagle Watch (Rainbow Six's add-on), this expansion features "Five New Levels!" each set in a different country, modeled after a real location. The settings are less inspiring than Eagle Watch's Forbidden City, or Shuttle Launch, but they are still enjoyable. Each level is drastically different and visually impressive. After completing the levels, you can then replay them as Lone Wolf games, Terrorist Hunt, Defend, etc. (These are customized, single level games where you either have to defend an area, kill all terrorists, etc.)In addition to having "Five New Levels!", the expansion also has five old levels. Dubbed the "Classic" campaign, for those who experience nostalgia after two years, these levels are pulled from the original Rainbow Six game and have slightly new additions and use Rogue Spear's engine.

Urban Operations also has new weapons including a massive SAW machine gun and a silenced sniper rifle and more multiplayer maps.

The Bad

Eagle Watch seemed short at five levels, so I guess Urban Operations is a little better with five new levels and five revamped levels. The new levels really are great (although I think Mexico was cheated), but the classic levels seem um... old. I really didn't think that they were revamped, except one level had a new area were you could stick a sniper. Also, I'm not sure who decided that these were the best five levels of Rainbow Six. I personally wouldn't have chosen two stealth missions either!

The Bottom Line

While this add-on expands the single player game to some extent, it is really geared toward the multiplayer fans. It's a little fun playing the levels in Terrorist Hunt mode and attempting to Defend an area, but not for too long.