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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (Windows)

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Written by  :  MadCat (55)
Written on  :  Aug 04, 2000
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars

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A Must for Every Armchair Counter-Terrorism Operative

The Good

The game is a much better improved version of the original Rainbow 6. Rogue Spear brings in more and better counterterrorism aspects into the game.

The enemy AI is much better, no more will they stand on top of a grenade and look aimlessly around...nor will they stare off dreamily while their partners are getting sniped. The enemies now patrol the area, run from grenades, fire from cover, and notice when their buddies get shot...

New weapons!!! You can now use sniper rifles!!! With the inclusion of the riflemen, you can now deploy different strategies, such as having your riflement pick off guards, instead of having to storm them on foot...the riflemen are extremely obedient as well, and won't fire until you tell them to...

The level design is totally amazing...try the airplane highjacking, or the bombed out Kosovo level, and you'll see what I mean...The Kosovo level is especially fun in Multiplayer, as it offers many places to hide...

Ding Chavez is back!!!, along with some more other good people who have high levels, so that you don't have to restart everytime you lose Ding (which is what I did in the first Rainbow 6)...

Multiplayer is extremely fun...since you die from one shot, you have to expect your teammates to cover you...This adds the tremendous amounts of teamplay strategy that there is already...

No more getting stuck in doorways, as the Friendly AI will move away and let you get out the door...this was a frustrating aspect in the first game and is very well improved in the second game...

New features such as the peek-around-the-corner move, and the smoke that is left by grenades is extremely cool...

The Bad

Although the enemy AI has been darastically improved, the friendly AI hasn't. The operatives has way too long of a reaction time...Sometimes, you could be down on the groundwith a chest wound and the rest of the team would still be staring off into space while the enemy is shooting at them...

The death sequence is totally overboard. Shoot someone in the shoulder and they'll grab it, scream, turn in circles, scream some more, turn more circles, and let out a final scream before falling down to the ground...dead...This is not an exaggeration...Maybe they should just lie down and die...its really distracting when some guy you shot three seconds ago is still going through his death squence, arms flailing...

The Bottom Line

Apart from the friendly AI, which is buggy only sometimes, I can't really find anything that is really wrong...It's a really enjoyable game both single and multiplayerwise...If you want a break from all out deathmatching, then try the strategy filled Rogue Spear, and you won't be disappointed