Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Cold drink, anyone?
Night vision
Firing a turret.
Disarming a bomb.
Inside a helicopter
Inside a night club
Dead guy who lost in poker?
Arriving at the garage.
Protect the innocent.
Nice body count
Main menu
Hiding behind a wall.
No time to work out.
In front of Baker Arena
Cleanup after being exposed to chemicals.
You had to shoot him, he was going for the gun.
Las Vegas from the helicopter
Inside the security room
After completing a mission you get some items unlocked.
Monorail station
Las Vegas during night time
Somewhere high above ground
Jung is down, you must save him.
Sometimes even good guys die.
Weird place to die.
This building in Las Vegas is on fire.
Nice waterfall
Nice view from far above
Soldier guarding a doorway.
Somebody's home entertainment system
This side looks clear.
Climbing the wall.
Found that copy machine at last.
You can view the map any time.
Choose face
Smoke in the air
Thermo surprise!
Low ammunition
Ambush results - many dead bodies
Character customization, face-wear, weapons, clothes and armor can be selected. some of the items require unlocking by completing missions. Body/face is selected at game start.