Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Credits


Original ConceptTom Clancy
DesignBrian Upton, Carl Schnurr
Additional ProgrammingClark Gibson, Philip Hebert, Robert Hunt, Todd Lewis, Gregory Stelmack, David Weinstein, Erik Erikson, Garner Halloran, Rick Towson, Virtus Corp.
Graphics / ArtworkTim Alexander, Eric Armstrong, Steve Cotton, Thomas DeVries, John Sonedecker
Art DirectorJonathan Peedin
ProducerCarl Schnurr
Quality AssuranceBrian K. Davis VII
PlaytestingAaron Benzick, Sean Bryant, Derek L. Earwood, Robbie Edwards, Jeremy Gailor, Patrick Hanson, Michael Havazelet, Camille Klein, Alexander E. Risher
Lead ProgrammingBrian Upton, Peter McMurry
Additional GraphicsDoug Oglesby
VoicesRobert Sampson, Douglas Rye, Michele Colins, Carole J. Ruggier, Dani Thompson
Motion Capturing ActorsChris Shepard (Heckler & Koch), Gene Zink (Heckler & Koch), Linda Clem (Berkeley Police Dept.)
"The Voice in Software"Voxware Inc. ‑ Princeton, Developed by using Smacker Video Technology. © 1994 - 1996 RAD Game Tools Inc.


Sound DesignSoundelux Media Labs, Peter Zinda
Music CompositionSoundelux Media Labs
ComposerBill Brown
Lead Sound DesignRonald Dutch Hill
Lead RecordingBryan Bowen
CastingCarole J. Ruggier
RecordingPeter Zinda, Martin Jacob Lopez
Co‑OrdinationBobbie Halliday
ArchiveRobert McCarty
Production ManagerJeffrey Eisner

Red Storm Entertainment

ChairmanTom Clancy
ManagerDouglas G. Littlejohns
PresidentDouglas G. Littlejohns
Vice President Sales & MarketingRichard P. Wnuk
Vice President DesignSteven Reid
Vice President ProgrammingBrian Upton
CFOCaroline Campbell
Director of Product DevelopmentRobert Leingang
Executive ProducerJuan Benito
QA ManagerTodd Ingram
Systems AdminstratorPaul D'Agostino
ReceptionistMeg Bachman
Public RelationsWendy Beasley
AccountantJonathan Corum
Accounting SpecialistMichelle Hamrick
WebmistressMur Lafferty
Customer SupportStuart White
Special Thanks toBob Taubert, Rich Harrison, The cool guys of Heckler & Koch USA, All special operation people and policemen who invested their time and energy in this project, Doug Alexander, Nancy Alexander, Eva Alexander, Lavonda, Kendall, LiL Eric, Brian Bandy, Jason Brow (Kildare), Momma Ben Brow, Herb Cotton, Catherine Cotton, Jeff Cotton, Ty, Doobster, Tawny Erikson, Carl Erikson (Mr. Geometry), Karen Everitt, Bill Gibson, William Gibson, Dorris Gibson, Robert D. Guy, Sharon Hebert, Phil Hebert, Michelle Hebert, Heather Isley, Meridith Lewis, Tony Martinez, Michelle McMurry, Paul McMurry, Tracey Peedin, Carla Schnurr, Aurora Schnurr, Laurie Sonedecker, Emma Shackleford, Diana Stelmack, Lassie, Maxie, Elizabeth Upton, Sam Upton, Kathy Weinstein, The Eyrie Regulars, Diet Coke, Manhattan Deli, Michaelangelo's, Papa John's, The Members of the R6 Forum, The makers of Atomic Bomberman, And most importantly all the support staff at RSE, Jeff Poe (Nevermore Studios)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Aaron Benzick (5), Jeanne (76614), Wizo (29562), formercontrib (159800), AdminBB (112) and Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2425)