Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main screen - Solo game.
Video options screen.
Waiting while your teammate gets an enemy sentry out of the way.
Stopping to get some fresh air, and a look at the great views.
Cutting down the power line.
Encountering an enemy unaware of your actions.
Sneaking to operate the computer behind a busy enemy.
Getting caught.
Making your way into the hangar unseen by the weary eyes.
List of saved games.
Loading the first level.
Jamie is waiting at JBA's HQ.
Training myself on the "art of lock-picking".
Rappelling walls of lasers.
Nokia, connecting people - in this case, connecting a thief and a safe.
Sniper practice. The guard just keeps shouting "Holy s*, you must have been in the army!" (or similar).
The four uses I can get from this door. Hum, there is the "Open door" option...
You can check objectives at anytime. There are the primary and the secondary (not required for finishing the mission).
Meeting with Enrica.
Emile, the section's leader, is going to test your loyalty... wanting you to shoot a captured pilot. Depending on your action your consideration on both NSA and JBA will change.
Yeay! I got a reward for completing secondary objectives! A wall mine! I'm very happy.
The game keeps statistics about your mission performance.
First mission for the terrorists.
Falling from the sky, until I reach the ground...
Evading an enemy above the ice layer.
Changing view to thermal one.
Oops, seems someone spotted me.
Analyzing the situation, checking best path to enter the tanker.
My friend, you know you'll have to "somehow sleep", don't you?
Starting the Shanghai's level with an out-of-control helicopter.
It's new Year's evening...
...and I'm rappelling Shanghai's building. Someone must do it...
After listening a secret meeting, just for coincidence a helicopter appears. Shall we flee from it?
Don't ask me what's going on there.
Speak, speak, sleep.
Using someone's computer while that someone is "away".
Party outside, party inside!
Using an elevator through "lucky" coincidences.
Assembling mines for the bad guys!