Written by  :  Grant McLellan (623)
Written on  :  Apr 06, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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Lara's fifth outing

The Good

Being the fifth game in the ever popular Tomb Raider seires, you'd have to think what new ideas Core Design has put in this one, it seems that this game takes all the ideas from Tomb Raiders 1-4 and puts them all together. The graphics are as good as ever and Lara looks more realistic than ever.

The Bad

Gamers these days are saying that Tomb Raider has ran out of steam, that the games are nothing more than to show off Lara Croft in all ther virtual beauty, sadly that's a bit true, though the last game tried to go back the the storyline roots of the first game, it seemed that there was nothing new to put in. I'm not saying that the Tomb Raider games are bad, it's just this one has nothing new to show off (apart from the abillity to walk on tightropes and some hand to hand combat)

The Bottom Line

Tomb Raider fans will want this, but gamers who have avoided the last four Tomb Raider games might get a bit stumped on the storyline of the game.