Tomb Raider: Chronicles Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro: Lara's memorial statue
Big buildings
Tightrope walking
More tightrope walking
Bang, bang, bang
Ducking gives more cover.
Cut-scene interrogation
If ya can't tame 'em, shoot 'em..
Avoid the beams.
Water abound
Woman in Black
Two against one.. no problem
This room is x-ray monitored.. Lara has to go throught without her weaponry.
Stealth helps..
Streets of Rome
Nice... bell?
Wow! Shiny golden statue... I'm sure it's going to attack me.
Rome has some weird monuments...
Must. Destroy. Creepy. Gargoyles!
Lara destroying public property in the sewers of Rome.
Near the Russian submarine
Deep sea dive
The Gallow's Tree
Young Lara exploring Ireland.
Lara in black