Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact Credits (Windows)

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Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact Credits


Project Leader (EIDOS INTERACTIVE)Philip Campbell
Senior DesignerPhilip Campbell
ArtistsGary LaRochelle, Rebecca Shearin
ProducerMike Schmitt
Product ManagerToby Feldman (UK), Renee Pletka (US)
Quality AssuranceEruch Adams, Daniel Franklin, Ralph Ortiz, Shawn Taylor, Franklin Vasquez
Marketing SupportBryan Davies, Jennifer Fitzsimmons, Brian Kemp, Antonia Phillips, Greg Rizzer
Special ThanksRobert K. Dyer, Nicholas Earl, David Cox, Robert K. Barrett, Kevin Weston, James Poole, Michael R. Kelly, Jo Kathryn Reavis, Mike Kawahara, Barbara Smith, Brian M. King, Kenneth Schmidt, Chantal Slagmolen, and everyone else at Eidos Interactive
Extra Special ThanksAdrian E. Smith, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Troy Horton, Andrew Thompson, Susie Hamilton, and everyone else at CORE DESIGN LTD.


ProgrammersRichard Flower, Chris Coupe, Martin Gibbins
AI ProgrammingTom Scutt
AnimatorsPhil Chapman, Jerr O'Carroll, Darren Wakeman
Level Designers (TR3)Peter Duncan, Jamie Morton, Richard Morton, Andrew Sandham
Additional ArtworkMatthew Charlesworth, Mark Hazleton
MusicNathan McCree
Sound EffectsMartin Iveson
Additional Sound EffectsMatthew Kemp
Quality AssuranceTiziano Cirillo, Hayos Fatunmbi, Paul Field, Darren Price, Benjamin Twose, Steve Wakeman, David Ward, Nick Connolly, Jason Churchman
ProducerTroy Horton
Executive ProducersJeremy Heath-Smith, Adrian E. Smith

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