Tombstone 1882 Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - Windows (UK):
    The year is 1882, and the Silver Rush is on in Tombstone!

    Lawlessness and cowboy justice are becoming a way of life, and disputes are settled with the gun. You've managed to stake a claim and acquire a small bit of land just outside of town, and have hired a few hands to help you build your fortune. So, strengthen your homestead and keep your guns loaded.

    Contributed by Reborn_Demon (136) on Jul 02, 2008.

Box Covers:
    TOMBSTONE 1882

    a town divided...

    ...a legend born.

    Claim your fortune in the boomtown of Tombstone as part of the Earps or Clantons.

    The blood feud between the two families has made it your mission to run the other out of town - so sharpen your wits, manage your resources and make sure you have more men and deadlier pistols than your rivals.

    Welcome to the Silver Rush in Tombstone, Arizona - lawless outpost of the American West. Choose your loyalty among either the Earps or the Clantons and start staking your claim.

    The Earp Clan

    Adventurers, gamblers and lawmen who feel the need to preserve the peace anyplace they settle.

    The Clanton Family

    Known as "The Notorious Clanton Gang", their fortune most often comes from cattle rustling, robbery and killing.

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) on Jun 22, 2004.