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Title Page Trivia: Name the celebrity whose face appears to have been stolen for this screen.
This single screen sums up the backstory.
On the surface, this might be a western Warcraft. Chop wood, mine silver, build a stable etc...
... but using only one map and five units over and over prevents this game from deserving even a bad comparison to Warcraft.
Each mission has different objectives but they are all functionally identical. The strategy is...
A) Hire a guy with a gun (if you don't start with one)
B) Send your armed guy to the enemy camp (which is in the same place every time)
C) Lay waste to the entire camp with this one man (human controlled units fire as fast as you can click the right mouse button)
D) Win. Elapsed time: under 2 minutes. Repeat as needed to win every mission
Go to the mine
Group of workers
Make new build. Guardians wait
Western story