The Tone Rebellion Credits


DesignThomas Blom, Arthur DiBianca, Jason Templeman
ProgrammerThomas Blom, Arthur DiBianca
GraphicsJason Decker, John Paul, Jason Templeman
Music and SoundNenad Vugrinec
The Logic Factory WestJohn Landaker, Jay Templeman, Kristin Templeman, Tamsen Templeman, Todd Templeman
Quality Assurance and Design AssistentTed Glick, Dave Paul, Josh White, Michael White
VocalistsKim Miller, Joshua Land McClure
ManualJason Templeman

Softgold Credits

German VersionSoftgold Computerspiele GmbH
Lead ProjectMarkus Ludolf, Susanne Dieck
Product ManagerThorsten Neumann
TranslatorMarkus Ludolf
Graphic AdeptionRüdiger Czygan, Bernd Kurtz
Manual and TutorialBodo Thevissen
Editorial DepartmentAnnette Janke
Quality AssuranceMichael Milan, Andre Dorfmüller, Michael Schievenbusch, Stefan Köller, Thomas Holzapfel, Claus Anderwald, Mirko Frommen
Creative ConsultationNorbert Wellmeyer, Bodo Thevissen
SpeakerKarl Heinz Tafel
Speech DirectorNils Bote
CutThomas Buchhorn
Speech ProductionG&G Studios
PrintLippert Druck & Verlag

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (65890)