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Tony Tough 2: A Rake's Progress (Windows)

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Tony Tough 2: A Rake's Progress Credits

Prograph Research S.r.l.

Game DesignStefano Gualeni
ArtValerio Massari
ProgrammingNicola Ferruzzi, Giovanni Bajo, Marco Pacifico, Dante Del Favero, Stefano Campodallorto
Background GraphicsDemis Trevisson, Andrea Sonaglia, Vincenzo d'Elia, Marco Sanò
AnimationAlessio Galliazzo, Francesco Coan
MusicSimone Cicconi
SFXSimone Cicconi
QAAlberto Doriguzzi Bozzo
MoviesMauro Baldissera

dtp entertainment AG

ProducersMarc Buro, Mathias Reichert
Production SupportHenning Boesken, Maren Nötzelmann
MarketingCarsten Fichtelmann, Timo Gerken
PRClaas Paletta, Class Wolter, Olgierd Cypra, Christopher Kellner
QA ManagerMathias Reinke
TestersAndré Scheuermann, Colin Bien, Eicke Böschen, Marc Schönbrunn, Moritz Meier, Tomasz Manthey, Ulrika Tegtmeier
ManualJan Müller-Michaelis (Text)
Special thanks toAlberto Tonti, Adventure‑Treff.de, Justadventure.com, All the friends at playfield.it, Lorrain Lawrance, Jessica Villareal, Irene Lullia, Valerio's Family, Lilo & Camila, Alessandra F. [Enderiel]

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stefano Gualeni (85)