Torchlight II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
There are more options available for character customization.
There are also more pets.
All of the difficulty levels are available from start.
Cut-scenes are made by Klei Ent., developer of Shank.
Echo Pass, the place where you start the game.
You always get to choose your reward after completing a quest.
Character screen and skills panel. You get 5 stat points and 1 skill point after each level-up.
Fishing mini-game is still the same.
Quests givers are usually at the entrance to the dungeon where the quest gets solved.
It happens a lot when you really don't know what's going in the battlefield.
You can transfer your loot to your pet's inventory and send him to town to sell them for you. In that case, he won't be available for a minute or two.
You can also send your pet to buy basic stuff like potions and scrolls.
You have to choose between two options when you die. Respawn in town and lose nothing or respawn at the entrance of the area you were and lose a percentage of your gold.
After you reach the end of a dungeon, a portal to the surface appears, saving you from lots of backtracking.
There are fishing holes in the wilderness, but unlike the ones in hub towns, they are limited.
A reference to Silence of the Lambs.
You can attack some bosses from a place where they can't reach you. It's kind of a cheating, but extremely useful at certain occasions when you're playing on elite.
You can warp to hub town, waypoint portal and main areas in each act.
" Robot parts ", the only continuous quest in the game.
Each Phase Beast opens a portal to a small area where you can overcome a certain challenge ( like surviving an attack ) and get fat rewards for it.
Something like this.
Everything about the epilogue is steam-punkish.
Mapworks , a place for people who couldn't get enough of the main campaign.