Total Annihilation (Windows)

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Written by  :  Sharon I (3)
Written on  :  Mar 15, 2002
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The Best RTS Game Ever!!!

The Good

This game is NOTHING like Command and conquer. Its much better in every way.... the units of the two sides, the Arm and the Core are almost identical but each unit is designed excellently. It has proved better than C&C in many ways:

The movements of each unit is realistic; far better than the animation you see in command and conquer...i.e u cant kill a unit when ur pointed in another direction.

The units will attack aircraft whether it is capable of destroying it or not instead of watching a Rapier Destroy its undefended base

The bigger and better units take large resources and time to build; Besides taking a long time to move/build/fire, preserving a sense of balance in the game. The Big bertha, though an incredibly powerful cannon with long range has many weaknesses like it is easily destroyed, it cant fire close range, it is VERY inaccurate.

The explosions and the ability to reclaim resources from destroyed units is awesome.

The Bad

The only thing i can think of is that the unit sounds are a bit repetitious. But its the same in C&C right?

The Bottom Line

This game is NOT for players who would rather sit in a corner and build and build and build.....until he finally feels ready to attack and destroy. attack early and effectively and u will have an advantage. attack at different points on the base, ensuring that the enemy cant build stronger weapons like the Big Bertha/Intimidator or the retaliator/silencer which will probably send your commander to kingdom come.