Written by  :  Peter Clark (10)
Written on  :  Mar 10, 2003
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Stood the test of time?

The Good

The game offers a wide variety of naval and plane units. Ground units are represented by vehicles and Kbots, Kbots represent infantry. The unfortunately legendary tank rush of red alert is not repeated in this game, one unit can't survive on a attack of its own. Mobile artillery can't shoot a close range but is essential for support. The heaviest tanks such as the penetrator, bulldog and goliath need support of they get taken out by the long range cannons (big bertha/intimidator), planes are needed to take these out, early units have to be reused to draw fire off of the bigger tanks. The units are well balanced and the music while in combat gives a adrenaline rush.

The Bad

When the game is nearly at its end and two stealth planes are flying around and they have to be killed to attain victory it can be very annoying.

The Bottom Line

Yes it has stood the test of time and I still play it today with the downloadable units and good expansion packs. Also programs which allow you to make your own maps and units and profile your own AI are present on the taus.tadesigners.com site.