TrackMania Power Up! Credits

Nadeo Development

DirectorFlorent Castelnérac
Game ProgrammerOlivier Torreilles
ProgrammersDamien Quilot, Jean-Sébastien Luce, Xavier Bouchoux
Graphic DesignerFrançois-Xavier Delmotte
Additional Graphic DesignersFrançois Berthemet, Stephen Magnardi
Level BuilderQuentin Beherec
Music DesignerHenri-Pierre Pellegrin
Sound DesignerHenri-Pierre Pellegrin
AssistantsAlexandra Hitter, Christophe Latour

Nadeo Production

ProducerPascal Hérold
Executive ProducerAdrienne Péchère
Production AssistantsEmmanuel Dexet, Thomas Jobert

Focus Home Interactive

Ze BossCédric Lagarrigue ('Cedr')
The Marketing BrothersSébastien Pensivy ('Sebby'), Luc Heninger ('Tuco')
Propaganda TeamSandrine Fargeot ('Kiki'), Julien Chevron ('Gerbil')
Riding ManBertrand Simon ('Tranber')
Ze WebmasterJean-Michel Hellendorff ('JMSH')
Graphical Solution ManFrançois Weytens ('Goose')
Los CabalerosJohn Bert ('Yankee'), Guillaume Bucchianeri ('Maverick'), Jérôme Radigue ('Pimperator')


We thank all the Trackmaniacs we meet,,,,
We thank our relatives and our friends for their support and especiallyAmélie Castelnérac, Estelle Delmotte, Ambre Delmotte, Vincent Luce, Damien Torreilles, Denis Péchère, Charles Péchère, Edouard Beauchemin, Guillaume
Special Thanks toall the great things we did not have time to do this year and that are still wainting for us soon !

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Xavier Bouchoux, 16 other games
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Damien Quilot, 14 other games
Adrienne Péchère, 13 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by jean-louis (32020)