TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme Credits

Nadeo Crtedits

DirectorFlorent Castelnérac
ProductionPascal Hérold, Adrienne Péchère, Cédric Lagarrigue
Graphic ArtistsFrançois-Xavier Delmotte, Stéphane Sommer, Steffen Magnardi
ProgrammersXavier Bouchoux, David Fallot, Jean-Sébastien Luce, Nicolas Maurer, Damien Quilot, Olivier Torreilles, Clément Viguier
Additional ProgrammingPierre Augeard, Michael Ribaud, Gérald Grosrenaud
Sound EffectsAWESS


Ten Thousand EyesPerformed by Hi‑jera, Andy Fielder (Writer), Luke Taplin (Writer), Matt Hirst (Writer), Ryan Gange (Writer), James Rogers (Writer)
Come OnPerformed by Silvermaker, Ben Simon (Writer), Annelies Van Velde (Writer),
I Never Thought She Ever LivedPerformed by The Brit Hoolas, Terry Swain (Writer)
One Take WonderPerformed by 21st Century Beatnik, Neil Simpson (Writer)
Jack and MaryPerformed by Big Wednesday, Timothy Senior (Writer), Kevin Andrews (Writer), Jonathon Hamler (Writer), Brian Flack
Latin TrickJason Alner (Performer/Writer)
SituationMatt Crowley (Performer/Writer), Ben Mcaneny (Performer/Writer), Ella Chi (Performer/Writer)
Getting Things StartedPerformed by Money, Dan Money (Writer)
Tainted AdrenalineMichael Myler (Performer/Writer)
Breathe AgainZsolt Marx (Performer/Writer)
Fill Your PagesZsolt Marx (Performer/Writer)
MutantsDom Lyne (Performer/Writer)
Take BackNewton B. Faulkner (Performer/Writer), Sam Faulkner (Writer)
Co‑ordinatorsAdi Winman, Brendan Byrne, Helen Gammons
AssistantChris Mannion


Trailer Trackmania Sunrise Extreme byGamers for Gamers
Directed byStarbuck
StuntsBlackShark [TnT], Feti [0.80], Furious [SFO], Kom [R&F], Max160 [TKM], Sirocco [DR], Supayop [G²], Starbuck
CameramenBlackShark [TnT], Sirocco [DR]
3D ArtworkJambon

Thanks to

Thanks toAbove all, our families and friends., Amélie for her strong support.
And for their precious and cheerfull helpEdouard, Alexandra, Cédric, Luc, Sébastien, Marie Caroline, John, François, Jean‑Michel, Yohan, Greg, And the AWESOME TrackMania community!

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (202540)