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TrackMania Sunrise (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall MobyScore (18 votes) 4.0

The Press Says

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Pour le deuxième opus de Trackmania, jeu de voiture original, Nadeo à voulu faire les choses en grand.

En effet, afin de faire taire tous ses détracteurs, Nadeo a décidé d’effacer complètement les défauts du précédent volet, afin d’offrir une expérience de jeu inoubliable, et des nouveautés toujours plus nombreuses.
Game Freaks 365
Is TrackMania worth getting? Of course it is! If you don't expect a realistic driving simulation, but instead hours and hours of crazy fun, then this is definitely your game. Try the demo to see if you like this new way to play racing games, but I am sure you will.
92 PC Gaming
It is not that I dislike more elaborate games, but in a time where realism and immersion seem to be most popular, Sunrise is a relief to play. Impossible speeds, impossible tracks, and impossible stunts create possibly the finest arcade driving available.
Suite puissance mille de Trackmania, Trackmania Sunrise est une vraie belle réussite, un jeu fun et ultra addictif. Il est joli, il va vite, il fait des loopings... mais bon sang, que demander de plus ? D'ailleurs, mais qu'est-ce que je fais encore là, moi ? Zou, j'y retourne.
90 (UK)
Compared to its predecessor, it looks better, moves faster, throws you further and loves you more. The track design is more extraordinary than ever and full of flourishes that I can barely begin to emulate with my own creations, the new gameplay modes fit right in, and indeed Platform is arguably more addictive than anything in the first game all by itself. There is more of the same in here, but it's more of the same with 900mph flying bells on, and the result is a must-buy game. An exquisite synthesis of the racing and puzzle genres.
Mit Trackmania: Sunrise ist Nadeo ein mehr als würdiger Nachfolger gelungen. Es ist zum einen sehr kurzweilig, kann aber durch die Freischaltmöglichkeiten immer wieder motivieren und wenigstens in nächster Zeit wird die Flut von gebastelten Strecken der Community wohl nicht abbrechen. Wenn ihr also ein kniffliges Rennspiel mit schöner Grafik, gutem Multiplayer sowie vielen Strecken und Spielmodi sucht, seid ihr bei Trackmania: Sunrise genau richtig!
Game Chronicles
TrackMania Sunrise is a fantastic sequel that improves upon the original in gameplay, graphics, and overall content. If you enjoy arcade racing in short repetitive spurts then you are going to love this day at the track. There is so much to do and so many ways to play, and when you have finished those, the sandbox editor lets you create your own endless assortment of content.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Groter, sneller, knapper en nog krankzinniger dan zijn voorganger. Als je kickt op snelheid en halsbrekende stunts, mag je dit niet missen.
GameStar (Germany)
Klar, Nadeo macht wenig anders, aber dafür vieles besser als beim Vorgänger: deutlich hübschere Grafik, ausgefeilteres Streckendesign, abwechslungsreichere Spielmodi, noch mehr kreative Freiheiten im Editor. Wer den Vorgänger mochte, wird Trackmania Sunrise lieben - versprochen!
Voila, Sunrise est ce que j'appelle un chef d'oeuvre. Du pur fun non-stop, que ce soit en solo ou en multijoueur. Impossible de rester de marbre devant un jeu de course d'une telle simplicité, et pourtant si vibrant de qualités rares. Bref, pour faire court : INDISPENSABLE ! Que voulez-vous, c'est ça ce qu'on appelle la classe, et pour 45€ on va pas bouder. :-)
C'est bien simple, Trackmania Sunrise est tout simplement l'un des meilleurs jeux de courses qui soit ! Rien que ça ! Mais que voulez-vous, quand on allie un fun énorme, un éditeur de circuit à la fois complet et très simple d'accès et des modes multi absolument fabuleux, il faut s'attendre à recevoir les louanges des joueurs.
Gamers Europe
Taken as a whole, Trackmania Sunrise is a winner. It delivers racing thrills and the right amount of mental challenge, all wrapped up in a package that's inventive and - yes - easy on the eye. And the ear too, with the soundtrack featuring a selection of unsigned artists - perhaps this'll give rise to an indie version of EA's abominable 'Trax' system. In fact, Sunrise is the antithesis of cynically marketed trash like Need for Speed Underground 2: it's honest, interesting, challenging and above all, fun. Trackmania Sunrise demands your attention - and we demand that you give it a go.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
TrackMania Sunrise is net zo verslavend als zijn voorganger en bovendien nog eens voorzien van een aantal extra spelmodi. De speelkick komt in hoofdstukken die je een voor een uren en uren on- en ofline geboeid zullen bezighouden.
Jolt (UK)
The formula-obsessed games industry does throw us the occasional surprise, even if it isn’t very often, but 2003’s TrackMania was certainly one of the better ones. A low-budget PC-only racing game pushed out by a little-known developer whose previous releases were virtual sailing titles is usually a recipe for nothing more than indifference. Fortunately the game met with enough deserved success to warrant a faster, bigger-budget sequel. TrackMania Sunrise may not have made any massive leaps forward, but it refines the original’s classic gameplay with several welcome improvements.
Trackmania Sunrise ist ein gelungener Nachfolger zu einem der innovativsten Rennspiele, die in den letzten Jahren das Licht der Öffentlichkeit erblickt haben. Die konsequente Optimierung der Präsentation, das höhere Spieltempo und die zusätzlichen Spielmodi kitzeln noch mehr Spielspaß aus dem Potenzial der Spielidee. Schade nur, dass man sich auch diesmal mit drei Streckensets und drei unterschiedlichen Fahrzeugen zufrieden geben muss und direkte Rennen samt Kollisionen noch immer nicht auf der Featureliste stehen. Dennoch – dieser Titel ist ein erfrischend guter Arcade-Racer, den man immer wieder gerne spielt!
PC Games (Germany)
Nadeo? Nie gehört! Allenfalls dem elitären Zirkel der Sportsegler war die französische Softwareschmiede durch ihre ultrarealistische Segelsimulation Virtual Skipper ein Begriff. Bis vor einem Jahr. Dann erschien der innovative Rennspielbaukasten Trackmania und hängte PC-Raser reihenweise an die Tacho-Nadel. Dabei war weder die Optik noch die Fahrphysik herausragend - doch die Idee dahinter brillant.
Sunrise is, in most every way, exactly what you would want from a sequel to the original TrackMania.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
While it can be frustrating, Sunrise features plenty of variety. In addition to the single-player modes, there’s an easy-to-use track editor and a multiplayer mode that allows you to race online, usually on custom-made tracks. Casual gamers may find a hefty learning curve, but the tracks are so inventive; it’s ultimately worth the work required to unlock them.
While it can be frustrating, Sunrise features plenty of variety. In addition to the single-player modes, there's an easy-to-use track editor and a multiplayer mode that allows you to race online, usually on custom-made tracks. Casual gamers may find a hefty learning curve, but the tracks are so inventive; it's ultimately worth the work required to unlock them.
In conclusion, this is a game that I can recommend to anyone, from fans of realistic racegames, to even die-hard RPG players. I don't think there are many who wouldn't find Trackmania Sunrise a lot of fun. Even though there are still a lot of problems with the game, they are easily outweighed by the amount of fun and the thrills I get from driving my Ferrari at top speeds. But let's hope Nadeo and Digital Jesters realise their mistakes and take them into account in order to create an even better sequel once more. The sun has risen, I would hate to see it set already when there are some many cool things that can be done with the franchise.
PC Powerplay
Letztendlich sitzt Trackmania Sunrise konsequent zwischen den Stühlen. Wer ein Rennspiel im klassischen Sinn erwartet, ist hier nach wie vor falsch. Wer einen unkomplizierten Funracer für den Feierabend sucht, diesmal allerdings auch. Frustresistente Bleifüße, die den Wettkampf um Hundertstel lieben, werden dagegen ihre helle Freude haben.
Thunderbolt Games
Inevitably, Trackmania Sunrise is one of those games you know you’re going to find buried under a heap of unsold, shoddy Tomb Raider games in the bargain bin. While I don’t expect the game to sell a million copies, I hope that you’ll pick up the game before it reaches its final destination. Trackmania Sunrise is truly a different game, and it’s different enough to warrant a spot in your collection.
Physics based on real-world telemetry data? Meticulously detailed damage modeling? Pages of car-tuning options? You won't find any of that in TrackMania Sunrise. Nope, this game is all about good, old-fashioned arcade action. This is a game that takes "over-the-top" literally: you'll drive 600 mph through gargantuan loops, take death-defying leaps across bays, and even soar over the top of tunnels instead of driving through them. Like the original TrackMania, TrackMania Sunrise doesn't merely offer rocket-fueled racing, but also a unique puzzle mode and the ability to build your own tracks. Multiplayer is a letdown, and the editor is cumbersome, but TrackMania Sunrise is still an exciting and addictive racer.
When I reviewed the original TrackMania, I had a pretty long list of things about it that didn't sit right with me--and I'll just say right off that, to their credit, Nadeo really seemed to go back to the drawing board for Sunrise and revamp the whole shindig from head to toe. It looks better, it plays better, and it even sounds better this time around.
I enjoyed the first TrackMania game tremendously. It wasn’t a revolutionary racing game but it was a fun, entertaining game. The emphasis in the game was on the tracks, which were probably the wackiest and most unique tracks I’ve played. TrackMania Sunrise (TMS) continues the wackiness from the first game but with a noticeable change in the look of game. Even though the graphics have changed the gameplay is still the same.
PC Action
Fliegende, unzerstörbare Blech­karossen mit 500 km/h Spitze sind vielleicht Geschmackssache. Aber hier geht es auch nicht um Wirklichkeitsnähe, sondern um saugeile Stunts, riesige Loopings und irrwitziges Streckendesign. Nadeo hat die Optikkulisse dezent verfeinert, neue Szenarien eingebaut und die Steuerung schön simpel belassen. Und zu guter Letzt überzeugt auch der kinderleichte Editor, der eigentliche Kaufgrund für Trackmania Sunrise. Arcade-Anhänger machen schon mal Platz im Laufwerk.
Game Informer Magazine
These issues notwithstanding, Trackmania still offers a lot of entertainment. The robust track editor helps the replay value quite a bit as well. I'm honestly very excited to see what this team comes up with next, and hopeful that future title will have a little more polish to it.
Game Informer Magazine
Some of the jumps can be frustrating and it would be nice to see other cars on the track, but any racing game that takes arcade-style action and multiplies it by a thousand is definitely worth taking for a few joyrides.
For players who liked earlier stunt racing games with speed and the ability to do major insane sunts will enjoy Trackmania Sunrise. It may not be a game for every racing gamer but it is a refreshing idea in racing differently.
games xtreme
Unless you’re a die hard fan of the series don’t bother picking this game up because it looks like a customisable version of NFS: Underground with stunts. It really has no fun behind it and is what they call a sequel too far.