TrackMania United Credits


DirectorFlorent Castelnérac
ProgrammersXavier Bouchoux, David Fallot, Jean-Sébastien Luce, Nicolas Maurer, Damien Quilot, Olivier Torreilles, Clément Viguier
Graphic artistsFrançois-Xavier Delmotte, Stephen Magnardi, Stéphane Sommer
Level designAmélie Castelnérac
ProductionPascal Hérold, Adrienne Péchère, Cédric Lagarrigue

Deep Silver

Product ManagerSteffen Schamberger, Lorenzo Maini (Italy)
PRUte Palmer
MarketingMario Gerhold
Community‑ManagementDaniel Oberlerchner
Artwork DesignAlexander Stein
Special Thanks ToGüven, Stef, The whole community forum, The beta testers, The visitors of the forum, all fans of the game, and of course to all family members and friends

Focus Home Interactive

Race directorCédric Lagarrigue
Learner driversAlexis Fischer, Jérôme Blazy
Alain ProdLuc Heninger, Nicolas Vandamme
Hitchhiker babesMarie-Caroline Le Vacon, Aurélie Rodrigues, Aline Janzekovic
BodyworkersFrançois Weytens, Patrick Falorni
Export concessionaireDamien Mauric
MechanicsJean-Michel Hellendorff, Jean-Joseph Garcia
Exhaust mastersJohn Bert, Anthony Trosch
Driving School directorJean-Pierre Bourdon

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Credits for this game were contributed by vedder (27355), formercontrib (159773) and SupSuper (1923)