TrackMania Credits


Development DirectorFlorent Castelnérac
Game ProgrammerOlivier Torreilles
ProgrammersDamien Quilot, Jean-Sébastien Luce, Xavier Bouchoux
Graphic DesignerFrançois-Xavier Delmotte
Scandinavian Graphic DesignerPatrik Wirén
Additional Graphic DesignersFrançois Berthemet, Stephen Magnardi
Level BuilderQuentin Beherec
Music and Sound DesignerHenri-Pierre Pellegrin
AssistantsAlexandra Hitter, Christophe Latour
ProducerPascal Hérold
Executive ProducerAdrienne Péchère
Production AssistantsEmmanuel Dexet, Thomas Jobert
Special Thanks ToAmélie Castelnérac, Estelle Delmotte, Ambre Delmotte, Vincent Luce, Damien Torreilles, Denis Péchère, Charles Péchère, Edouard Beauchemin, Guillaume and the Focus Team for their support, the community for their help on the beta test, A special dedication to all the other great things we couldn't make this year and that are waiting for us!


Publishing DirectorTrevor Chan, Paul G. Lombardi
Executive ProducerParrish Rodgers
Publishing StaffKenneth Mo, Hillwins Lee, Bernard Yau, Andy Grimbal
Lead QAMartin Leung
QARobin Lam, Ron Leung
Public RelationsDavid Murray, Jessica Tew, Bernard Yau, Raluca State, Lissa Williamson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204676)