Trailer Park Tycoon Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Game select
Park objectives
Pristine Meadows will be remembered as a lovely place.
Interruptions come in the way of these tabloids.
The first trailer is built.
Trailer park life is pretty easy-going at the beginning.
Building amenities will help boost your chances of success.
As will decorations.
Changing cameras to view the park from ground level.
With rising rent prices the park starts to get pretty busy!
Special trailers are introduced. This is the hippy trailer. Note the green smoke floating out the windows.
The biker trailer
This redneck trailer has a couch and tv outside.
An oil pump trailer. The special trailers are not upgradeable.
The packrat trailer
Even in an urban environment you can have a trailer park.
The decorations for each setting are fitting specifically to the theme.
Of course...a brothel
There are bikers on every level but they all house differently. The special trailers don't seem to serve any other purpose then to be goals.
A metal sculpturist. The screen on the bottom right shows you the average rent your residents expect to pay.
A super-fan. Park sign shows you your current standing.
Swamps of Ookie Lookie
I wonder if Guybrush knows the voodoo lady is now living here.
The desert level naturally has it's U.F.O.'s which seem to be attracted only by one thing...
Animals such as dogs and chickens run around on their own after a while.
This chart shows you your performance.
In the sandbox mode you can place anything you can afford. But again with thematic restrictions.
A schoolbus to trailer conversion
The caboose in the country level
The fishing shack. You can't build anything on water. In fact you can't even turn the buildings.
A survivalist takes aim with a rotating turret. He seemed to be aiming but never fired.
An inconspicuous way of looking out for U.F.O.'s. The amenities barely feel important other than adding a trashiness factor.